Friday, November 7, 2008


That's how my heart has been beating since about 7:35 am. I am FINALLY starting to get calmed down.

I realized on my drive to work today, that...


OMG. I was spazzing. I got to school, told Ms. Brown that I was leaving, regardless of whether or not my room was covered, and high tailed it (without speeding) downtown. (Now, I did split my kids, arrange for someone else to copy my tests, and speak with both of my co-teachers about keeping my class & let them know where I was going. I also took a phone call from a parent.) When I got downtown, a nice sheriff told me where to go and in a matter of MINUTES I had everything taken care of. $112 for the fine + court costs & I was found guilty in my absence. I actually had 15 days to pay it & they were going to send me a letter. UGH. All that stress for nothing. I was FREAKING OUT. Tim thought they would suspend my license for missing court & not paying the fines--BECAUSE that's what it says on the ticket! But they don't. PHEW!

So, I came home. Mostly because I told everone I'd be back later & I didn't expect to be done before 9 am. If I left now I could get back before my kids get back from resource. But, I'm not gonna.

My heart is still racing. A little.

I had some errands that needed done, so I think I'll do those & make it back to school in time for a half day.

I need to: go to the PO, go to the library, clean house and do laundry. Sounds fun right?

Oh well,
I'm out.

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Smellyann said...

What was court for, your accident??

Whew, I'm glad it worked out all right.