Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TTC Update

Well, today was my check-up consult with Dr. Morgan. He's good. I like him. Basically he said even though I got negative OPKs last time, he thinks I did O and that the Clomid worked. Yay! He also hinted that I should be using them this time (but he never told me to)...he also said since it's so late in my cycle not to bother with them this cycle. If I go another cycle, he said to use them, though. He said I should O and get pregnant this cycle as long as there isn't anything wrong. As we were leaving, I hope to hear that you're pregnant this month! I like that he's optimistic but also realistic. He gave us clear directions as to what to do if I don't get pregnant. Step 1 is Tim will go for a Sperm Analysis. We are going to start looking into what this costs & where to go, now. Just in case. Step 2 is we'll take a month off of the Clomid. Basically to see if I O on my own & wait for Tim's test results. Step 3 is we'll assess Tim's results. If Tim is A-OK we'll procede with Step 4. Step 4 is to check to make sure my tubes are clear. Now, he didn't say how they do this, but I'm pretty sure it involves something going up my who-ha. If Tim is not OK, then we have to decide what to do based on those results. We didn't discuss that option, because frankly we don't want to hear that there is a problem with Tim. So, I'm hoping my darn temperature goes up tomorrow and I O'ed today. The only other thing the doc said was that we should be doing-the-deed (my words not his, he's very Frank (ha ha) and just says having sex) every other day. He actually said that daily will wear Tim out! (Tim blanched at that one! Hee hee.) You probably want to know why I laughed at my own joke up there, the doctor's name is Frank Morgan. Hee hee...Tidewater Physicians for Women, if you want to know. He's good, I recommend him.

PS, I just realized how bad the grammar & editing in this post are. I'm tired. I'll fix it tomorrow afternoon.

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