Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Vote, vote, vote! Make sure you do your part!

I don't have to work today...or I'm "working from home"....

I got up early with Tim and got dressed. Then we fought traffic in the neighborhood to get to the election site. It was jam packed, people were lined up around the blocks. We decided to go later and Tim could vote after work.

I have been updating blogs & researching "George Washington being the 8th president". I don't buy it. The first 7 "leaders" weren't called president. They led the Convention. Not the country. So, yea, GW was still the FIRST president of this country. Mr. Michaels the new goody two shoes at work was saying that GW wasn't the first pres. and my poster was wrong. God I hope he doesn't tell those gullible children his conspiracy theories.

I really do have grades to do, so I should get off the computer.

I will be voting, I'm just waiting for the lines to go down some. With Dad on crutches, we can't stand in line for-ever.

UPDATE: Well it was about 10:30 when we got back from the polls. Dad was able to go on in and do his "handicapped" voting. He had to do a paper ballot, so we'll never know if his vote was counted. He apparantly told some guy to stop bullshitting in the doorway so he could get in. Yea, that's my dad....almost getting into a physical fight trying to vote. I didn't vote, because I just don't trust the paper votes. I don't completely trust the computerized vote either, but whatever. Anyway, I'm voting with Tim tonight.

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