Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Help Trisha--Help Me!

Hey faithful readers!

Please take a few minutes to help my friend Trisha out again...

She is participating in a Wal-Mart contest for FREE GROCERIES FOR A YEAR! I wish I'd known about it, because I would have entered! But, its in the final stages now. It's down to 20 videos & you have to vote for Haasiegirl!

I'll COPY and PASTE the directions for voting...

"This is how you vote. You have to go their youtube page at They have not made it easy to get to each video and there are no permalinks I can direct you to. There is a link called NEXT VIDEO and you need to scroll through till you see HAASIEGIRL/Walmart TIp and then give me a thumbs up. There are only 20 videos, so you shouldn’t need to go far. OR you should be able to type “haasiegirl” into the find box there and hit enter, then click on my picture and it comes right up now.
My actual video link is at Your kitchen can be a spa but you cant vote there."

Trisha is so awesome! She totally deserves to win the groceries!
ANYWAY, because she's cool, she is offering her Nokia E-71 Smartphone as a prize to one of her readers if she WINS! She won the Nokia & because she uses a local small-town cellular provider, she can't use it! So, just for blogging about her contest, I get 10 entries! Woot Woot!

So PLEASE go out and vote for Trisha! I'd love to have the chance at winning this phone.

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Haasiegirl said...

Thankyou SO SO much!