Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Hey Folks!

I had another blood test today, I'll be sure to post the results tomorrow morning. We're basically hoping for something between 960 and 2132 or even as much as 2442-5065 mIU/ml.

Those numbers are based on my numbers doubling either every 48 or every 36 hours. The other numbers are the "averages" for 20-22 DPO. We might have miscalculated my O I MAY be 2 days behind where I think I am. (But if I am, then I would have had a CRAZY early positive test at 9DPO.)

Up next, I got the shark diaper in the mail today! You can go down to the stash pictures to check it out!

Also, I forgot to mention that on Monday I got an adorable outfit from Zutano in the mail. It was the ONLY prize I won in this season's Bloggy Carnival Giveaway. I'm actually a bit disappointed in the quality, but thankful none the less! A big shout out to Bridgette from "The Not So Blog, Blog" for hosting the give away! The outfit is VERY thin. It is a 0-6 months, but I'm hoping it fits the baby closer to 6 months, so the weather will be nicer. As it is, if we put it on a winter baby it would need a long sleeve onesie and tights or leggings.
Jacket: $16.45

T-Shirt $15.45

T-Shirt & Jacket shown together

Entire outfit, including leggings $12.45 and booties $17.45.

OK. This is officially the MOST EXPENSIVE baby outfit I own. OMG. I almost fainted when I looked at what it was worth. If you total it up, this outfit costs $61.80 before any taxes! OMG. That is INSANE. Especially for how thin it is! I sure hope it holds up in the wash, at that price!

And finally, one more thing I forgot to post new computer is completely here & set up!

And yes, this is all BRAND NEW equipment. The birds make a LOT of the black screen & computer case seem to be drawing it to them, they must have a lot of static still from the packaging. I've actually dusted my monitor several times already!

Well, I'm off to pick up a double stroller from Freecyle, so that's all for now!


Smellyann said...

I like the outfit - it looks cute. Sorry you don't like the quality, though!

The new computer systems looks niiice. So y'all are going to hook us up when we need new ones, right? ;) Kidding, we're good fo' now.

My Wii Fit age went up to 35 today! Wahhhh! LOL

Chicke3 said...

I really like that outfit it is so cute! I love your new computer system! After buying a car, a new computer is on my purchase list! I hope your blood tests come back great!

Chicke3 said...

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