Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunday Update: Part 1

Well let’s see…
Last Sunday was a LONG day. We had Carolynn over night. We got the boys at like 11:45.
So, Caro was tired and ready for a nap. I tried to get Caro to go down with a juice bottle, but that wasn’t happening. Tim went to the store to get milk and formula at first. Spencer WAS asleep in his car seat, but that didn’t last long.
I let Spencer chillax in his car seat, while I gave Caro & Grayson a bath together. OMG that was a mistake. He kept LAYING ON HER! I had to keep pushing him off of her, so that I could wash her. Anyway, after I got them out and dressed, I let them all play on the floor for a while. I got them all dressed and lotioned and up and then Tim got home and he had to leave to take the dogs to the vet which was seriously stressful. He basically carried the groceries in, got the dogs, and left. It sucked big time. So, as soon as he was gone, I got Caro a bottle, put her in the crib, got Grayson a sippy cup and laid him on my bed, and then got Spencer a bottle too. I tried to get Spencer to go to sleep by rocking him, but he just wouldn’t keep his eyes closed. I was getting seriously upset with him and Grayson both, so I finally told Grayson to lay down and not get up, strapped Spence into his car seat, and left the room. I took Spence into the office & set him down so I could rock his car seat. He finally fell asleep after a couple minutes of rocking.
I was able to relax a bit on the computer while the three of them napped. It took a very long time before Tim got home from the vet. He bought the dogs a new Nylabone and a new giant knotty rope.
After Tim got home, the kids all woke up pretty quickly. Tim watched them in the playroom while I made Mac N Cheese for lunch. I also cleaned up the kitchen and worked on laundry. I even vacuumed I think. We fed them all some Mac n cheese and Chrissy showed up while we were doing that. She helped feed Carolynn, then spent some time using my computer, before she gathered up her cats and headed out.
Yay for no more cats! Wahoo!
After Chrissy left with Carolynn, Tim and I did who knows what with the boys. I think I made pizza for our dinner, we watched a little TV. I cleaned and spent a few minutes on the computer. I also got a shower, after Tim got Spencer to sleep. I think the kid seriously has a preference for men.
When I was out of the shower and dressed we loaded the boys up and took them to Amanda’s house. Yay!
Then we came home and went to bed.

Monday 3/16:
Let’s see…I had Girl Scouts that night, so I knew it was going to be a long day. I wore my dress to school. I hadn’t ironed my new pants, so I couldn’t wear them and none of my other pants were fitting. I can’t really remember anything from the school day. After school, I got a lot of work done on lesson plans and grading. Girl Scouts was ok. My co-leader didn’t come but that was fine. The girls did 2 badge activities and played around with each other. The important thing is that they have fun.
After Scouts I went home. We didn’t do anything really. We mostly just played on our computers and ate who knows what before bed.

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