Monday, March 23, 2009

My Weekend (Sunday Update Part 4)

3/20 Friday afternoon I started feeling yucky, (it seems I'm pretty drained by about 2:30), so I left school right at 3:00.

When I got home, I got busy cleaning and doing laundry. I vegged a bit on the computer and then really got to work later on.

I completely forgot that I had a McDonald's mystery shop, and didn't even realize it until I got an e-mail letting me know, TODAY! They didn't say they were going to restrict me or anything so that's good.

We cleaned and cleaned, then we ate (and watched Good Will Hunting) and then cleaned some more. Around 12:30 my parents showed up. The boys got the truck unloaded and then we all went to bed.


On Saturday morning, we got up and went to Chrissy's house. Dad and Tim were building her a t.v. shelf. I can't remember what we did all morning, but it was 12:30ish or 1:00 before Mom and I got out of the house to go out.

We went to Rock a Bye Baby. Misty was really happy to see Mom. I had a bag of maternity clothes that had been given to me & I got $10 in store credit for it! I used the credit to buy Carolynn a sleeper, three pairs of baby socks, a bike seat, and a baby helmet for Caro!

Um, so yea, those are Halloween socks. Because, I REALLY want the baby to get here in October! A few days early isn't going to hurt anything, right? (You all know I'm OBSESSED with Halloween right?) If we find out it's a girl, mom is going to put orange frillies on those socks!

After we went shopping, I dropped Mom back off at Chrissy's house & headed to my Girl Scout Cookie Walk-About.
We loaded the girls & cookies up and headed to Virginia Beach. We went to my old street and sold ALL of our cookies on one street + 4 houses on the next street. I visited with 2 of my old neighbor's and made one woman's day. (Mrs. Taylor was a sweet old lady who lived a few doors down from us. She was SO happy, moved to tears to see me, still active in Scouts, and pregnant!)

We got back from that 30 minutes early and all of the parents were there to pick their kids up!
I headed to Amanda's house after that. I was pretty tired, so almost as soon as I got there, I went upstairs to take a nap. I watched a little bit of Transformers and that was pretty good.

We had fried tilapia, potatoes, and rice. It was yummy!
When we got home, we went to bed!

Sunday morning, I woke up plenty early, and made myself a couple eggs for breakfast.
When Tim got up we started getting ready for church. Dad and Tim were heading back to Chrissy's to work on the t.v. stand. Mom and I were taking Chrissy's kids to Courthouse for church. Whew, what a work out!

We managed to get all 4 kids loaded and out the door on time. At church the kids were pretty well behaved. Caro even fell asleep in Mom's lap. I enjoyed the service & I'm glad I went.
After church we went to the Hair Cuttery to get Tony's hair cut. While he was in there, I went to K-Mart and got a bunch of stuff on clearance.

These are for Jack's birthday Mel! I think it's the same pack he bought at Toy's R Us. Oh well!

I bought myself a book! I LOVE J.D. Robb's book.

These are some adorable unisex cotton sleepers for the baby.

I grabbed this adorable little long sleeve onesie for the baby too!
After that, we headed back to Chrissy's house. Chrissy bought lunch meat stuff & we all ate pretty well.
After lunch, I took Carolynn and Frank and went to Animal Jungle. Amanda and Mom went out to A.C. Moore. I bought bird seed and a toy for the birds.
When we got back to Chrissy's house the guys were just about done getting the shelf built, so we all packed up. We headed home finally.
When we got home, we made the decision that we were going to go out to dinner. Yukon Steak house in VB was the only place we could get in & so we went there. Chrissy invited herself to dinner so she and the baby met us there too. (Amanda and J.C. were coming too with the boys.)
We had dinner there and then we came home & basically went to bed, as soon as we got here.
Well, that's it for the weekend!
I forgot to e-mail myself LAST week's Sunday update, so you have to wait another day!

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