Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Update!

So, I didn't make it through the whole week this week & I'm going to have to do a slightly LONG SU.

I took a sick morning. We were out late (but I slept on the couch) and I was tired. So, I slept in a good and long while, then I got up and got a bunch of housework done before heading to school. My kids were awful, 3 boys got sent to the office by the sub, 2 got sent to the office in gym for FIGHTING, and Mrs. White finally had to come down & teach my class because the sub couldn't handle them! (Mrs. White is the principal!) And the children who were fighting, still in class. Wouldn't that just make you mad, if someone beat your kid up & then that kid was still in school & NEVER got punished? Yea, it happens all the freaking time at our school! I beat feet pretty quickly after school because I needed to get home to finish the housework before babysitting. Before going home though, I stopped at the library, took care of some fines, and checked out a bunch of pregnancy/baby name books. I also got some books on tape to listen to in the car. Then, I worked and worked, cooked dinner for Tim and I, and then headed to VB to babysit. I'm getting really good at sleeping on couches. After I put the kids to bed, I took up my spot on the couch and zonked out. I did mostly listen to the Office but not 100%.

Friday at work okay. The kids were okay. We got 80% of what I wanted to, done. We had a guidance presentation in the afternoon, so we weren't able to finish. After work, I drove to VB, picked up Carolynn, and headed to the Post Office to mail the proofs from her professional pictures to Mom and Dad. Chrissy was supposed to do it, but left the pictures here, so I was going to do it, but I only had 41 cent stamps! (We pay ALL of our bills online, so we don't really USE stamps often!)
After the PO, we went to the mall. I got 2 sports bras at J.C. Penny and 2 pairs of maternity pants at Motherhood. I REALLY liked shopping at Motherhood. They were super friendly & helpful. They have TOYS in the dressing room! The clothes weren't NEARLY as expensive as everyone says they are! I got jeans for $31.00 and khakis for $29.00. The khakis were full price, the jeans were on sale. Once I went into the dressing room, I didn't have to come out again. The salesperson went and got me clothes & they were perfect! I am a size large petite in pants and 1-2x in tops. The two pairs I got, should last the whole pregnancy, so that's pretty cool. I do have some stuff that I've been given along the way, but none of it fits 100% the way I like it.
After the mall, we went home. Tim and I ate crablegs for dinner & Little Miss went to bed.

Sucked! No really, it was a BUSY day. Caro woke us up around 9:00, along with the dog's major whining. We got up, ate breakfast, put Caro down for a nap, took one ourselves, got up again... Then we showered, I cut Tim's hair (and screwed up royally! I tried using no guard on the bag of his neck & now he has razor burn & a couple cuts, poor guy!) we cleaned and cleaned and entertained Miss Caro.
About 2:30, the boys showed up & it was time to get moving to get out of the house. Tim ended up leaving without us (in my car) because me and the babies were nowhere near ready to go.
At 4:00, I managed to get 3 kids dressed, loaded into the car, and out of the house. We drove on the yucky roads & with the maniacs to church, and got there with plenty of time to spare. Caro sat with Uncle Tim in the sound booth, while I checked the boys into the nursery. Then she played and carried on during church. It was okay though, b/c there are seriously like 25 people in that service!
After church, Tim drove the kids and I got my car back! We went to McDonald's and got dinner. For $14 we fed 2 kids & Tim and I! After that, we headed home.

Spencer fell alseep and stayed asleep in the car. Carolynn and Grayson were both tired & ready for bed, but fought for a good 2 hours before we got them down. I put Carolynn down in her crib and I took Grayson to bed in our bed. Tim got some much needed "alone, guy" time. Right now, Carolynn is terrorizing his desk! I ended up falling alseep with Grayson and didn't get up until 11:30. Lindsey showed around midnight, so we never even moved Grayson to the crib that is set up in the guest room for him. I'm starting to get an idea of what that room is going to look like when I'm doing day-care.

After the boys left, we went to bed.

So far, I have gotten up at 9:00 with Miss Caro. Tim's still asleep, but I'm about to wake him. The boys should be here before 11:30. I'm taking the boys to Amanda at bedtime tonight, so we won't have them all night. I'm assuming Chrissy is going to come and get Carolynn on her way back into town too.

On the agenda for today is:
1:00-Rosie & Zowski to the vet (we also need to buy food, toys, and bird food, while we're there)
6:00- Tim meeting at church
The rest of the day will hopefully be spent at home! I'd like to go to Wal-Mart & get milk & Expecta. I'm going to ask Dr. Morgan if something like Boost or Ensure would be OK. A couple people have recommended them for the energy problem! We have the double stroller, so going out isn't completely out of the picture.

Well, that's all folks! Peek-A-Blocks are taking over my keyboard and I'm making tons of typos. Uh-oh, Caro found the mouse...must go!

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Anonymous said...

You are always so busy!!! The baby's getting bigger!