Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hump Day Update!

Well, let's see...where are we...

Ahh, Monday's covered, so we'll go with yesterday & today!

I woke up feeling like poo and it pretty much stayed that way. The work day sucked big time! The kids were bad, I was pooped and it just stunk!

After work I went to Farm Fresh and dropped WAY more than I had planned, but I got a lot of good food! (including crab legs!)

I wanted to take a nap but I had to put away groceries and try on the maternity clothes from Ms. Clark. A good bit of the clothes will work for me, so that was nice.

Amanda came over around 5:30 and we headed to Virginia Beach. The girls were in a program at Princess Anne HS for their school. They did a dance and sang to the music. It was VERY fun. Of course, my stupid pregnancy hormones, had me bawling through parts of the program.

Afterwards, Amanda, Chrissy, Carolynn, and I went to Applebee's. It was good. Then I went back to Peggy's house and slept on the couch until Tim came to get me. I slept on the whole car ride home too!

Today, I woke up feeling like poo AGAIN! I guess this is my own form of "morning sickness." I actually felt rested, but I didn't feel good. On the ride to work, my eyes were blurry and fuzzy. It was wierd and scary. I had to fight with them to focus on the road.

After I ate some food at work, it went away & I felt better.

The kids at school weren't bad today & we went out for recess to enjoy the awesome weather!

After work I came home and bummed about. I'm SUPER tired. All the time. It's very difficult to keep my eyes open.

I bought 2 more diapers today. They are used, size small, bamboo prefolds. I've never tried one, but I've always heard of them! I'll add pictures of them when they get here!

Now, we're off to the Johnson's house. They're giving us dinner & Tim is going to work on Diana's computer.

I'm going to try to take a half day tomorrow, so I can get some housework done & not have to drive with this "morning sickness."

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Heidi said...

Count your blessings that you're not sick and puking all the time. At least you can still work.

Take the time to get the rest that you won't get once your baby gets here!