Monday, March 2, 2009

Blog Blather

So, in an attempt to not have to do another SUPER long Sunday update, I am going to TRY to post my daily recap each day! We shall see how I do.

Today was a pretty lousy day. We woke up (warm, thank God the power came back on!) and saw the snow. So I quickly found out that we had a 2 hour delay and went back to bed. Tim headed into the office to find out if his work was delayed/closed and it was.
Around 8:00, we got a phone call from Tim's work. They were allowing Tim to "work from home" if he wanted. Basically he didn't need to come in & as long as he said he was working from home, nobody would care....even if he didn't work from home.
So, he ended up taking me to work, because the freaking school systems around here are DUMB. They cancelled school on inauguration day w/ no sign of snow anywhere, but today with over 25 accidents at any one time on the roads, we had to go to work! URG.
The talk of the school was the robbery. Everyone wanted details and I was happy to share what I knew, Mrs. White didn't say it was privledged info and I think others SHOULD know about things like that, so they can protect themselves.
My admin team members were back in full force, so there was no down time for me. We got right into boring old test prep and worked those poor children until their fingers nearly bled. Then I sent them home with a LONG list of homework/make-up work/study guides to re-read, before the test tomorrow. No words of encouragement or pep rally this year folks, because well, most of us don't have much hope. There is NO way we are getting 100% passing on this SOL.
I had reheated chicken wings, fruit, and a couple oreos for lunch. After school, Tim picked me up and we headed to the bank to deposit my babysitting money. Then we went to Wal-Mart. We got some groceries and a few pieces of fabric for me to add to diaper clothes to make burp rags. Tim even walked through the baby section with me. We have a consumer reports account, so we won't be registering or making any big purchases without checking it. There was a $99 car seat on Woot! yesterday, but we passed on it, because I didn't recognize the brand.
When we got home from WM, we both vegged on the computers for a long while. I paid for 2 nanipoos, one is a custom from this fabric, called "Save the Trees" and the other is "giggling animals". I also paid for a dozen organic bamboo velour cloth tissues for Tim. He likes the soft wipes for wiping his nose at work (and around the house) but all of my wipes are printed on one side & he wanted something manly/plain. So, I ordered those today. The sweet DS mama who's making them is also going to send me an organic bamboo velour baby tee...for the new baby! OBV is SO soft...I can't wait to get it & squish it!

We had steak-ums and french fries for dinner, but I couldn't really eat. It's okay though, because I already had some Easy Mac.

My doctor called last night & I'm going in for another beta on Wednesday. I'll be sure to post the results when I get them Thursday morning.

That's about it. It's almost 9, so I think we're going to bed.


Smellyann said...

Goodness, how scary about the break-in!! I hope nothing like that ever happens again, esp while you are there.

Spence is getting SO big! He's going to be a biggun like his brother.

Can't wait to hear about the next test results! :D

Chicke3 said...

Hi I stummbled upon your blog and when I realized that you are a teacher I decided to follow :-). I will be a certified teacher as of this spring and have been looking for other teachers to blog with :-)! Good luck with everything!