Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Update--On Monday

Wow. So this blog must have gotten pretty dry & boring to you all over the last week, huh? It's been a crazy high whirlwind week for me and I'm still a tiny bit in shock. Each day I have to remind myself, I'm pregnant! I'm making a baby! It's amazing! I end each night thanking God and praying that he keeps his loving arms around me and the baby. Tim is totally excited, but his dad is OFF THE CHARTS excited! He immediately called Grandma & Grandpa Goetsch to tell them. Of course, they have a bunch of grandbabies already, so this is no biggie to them, but they were very happy for Tim and I.

So, on to my weekly update.

Tuesday the 24th
Tuesday was a normal work day. I bummed out of Girl Scouts, b/c I was EXHAUSTED. Like I seriously felt about 1/2 dead. Oh, I just remembered. I bought my Book Fair books on Tuesday. I am reading one of them, so there's no picture of it, but the others are all adorable & get two thumbs up from me.
I loved Little Miss and Mister Men books when I was a kid. I'm going to start picking them up for the baby.

This was a cute collection of "easy read" stories based on the Disney Pixar movies we all love. I buy ANYTHING with Sulley on it, so I had to have it. It's hard covered too.

This book is too adorable! It basically compares the teacher to the job of the president. Very well done! I love it!And, I didn't take this picture. This is the one I'm reading, I went ahead and snagged a picture from Barnes and Noble. I think I'm going to pick up the whole series, because it's pretty good. I even think young BOYS would enjoy reading this one.

I left work at 3:00, came home, ate some food, and went to sleep. I slept from like 4:15-7:45. Then I ate some more & went back to bed by 9:30. I needed the food & the sleep.

Wednesday the 25th
I felt a bit better from my huge eating session & all the sleep I got, but I was still run down. I had a crazy day and ended up leaving work just a touch early to go in for my beta. The nurse hurt me just a tiny bit when she drew my blood, but I'm a trooper.

Thursday the 26th
I took a sick day. I was up all night long with AWFUL gas cramps and I didn't get any sleep. First thing in the morning I got my reassuring and wonderful beta results. Yay! I stayed home, got housework done, and planned how on earth am I possibly going to be a stay at home mom. It came down to I need to bring in between $600-800 a week, babysitting or working part-time or else, I can't stay at home. (And that's with serious cut-backs to everything we can cut.)

Friday the 27th
Sucked, at work anyway. We're all over test prep...but that's all we can do at this point. So Friday at school was boring. They've got 2-3 admin team people in our rooms all freaking day to "help" and it's getting old. After work, there was a funeral, complete with horse drawn buggy hearse. Fun, so I had to beat feet to get out before they closed VIRGINIA BEACH BOULEVARD for the 25 minute long processional! I still managed to get caught but only for a second before I detoured around it. I then headed all the way to BFE, I mean, Ocean Lakes in Virginia Beach, to pick up Grayson and Spencer. I had to go to their grandparent's house to get them. After I got them, I took them straight home. I had plans to run a couple errands, but I just couldn't. They were both whiney and fussy & I was in a cranky mood. I was getting way too upset over nothing. So I put Grayson in my bed (he was partially asleep, but mostly awake), and strapped Spencer into a bouncy chair in front of the t.v., then I called Tim. He was close by, so I tried to just make sure they were both SAFE without having to actually deal with them. (The car ride home was over an hour long and miserable.) I needed a "mommy time-out."
When Tim got home he scooped up Spencer and got him a bottle. I went and let Grayson out of the bedroom and got him a sippy cup of juice. I think I also ate a little something. Then Tim and I headed out to Pet Smart to get puppy food. After that we walked around Target. We managed to spend a bunch of money on who knows what. I know I got socks for the baby and a new "chapped boobie balm" that I'm using on my chin. Yea, I chapped my chin and the best thing for it is stuff marketed for sore boobies. I don't care. We also got printer paper and a toy for Amanda. Oh yea and gas medicine, because I'd gotten the OK to take it & needed to stock up. When we got home it was pretty relaxed. We made pancakes and sausage for dinner (and by we I mean I did & Tim watched the boys). After they ate, I bathed both boys & got Grayson to bed. Then Tim ended up getting Spence to bed, because by the third freaking time he fell asleep and woke up for no darn reason, I was getting mad. So, Tim came out and took him from me. I'm telling ya'll my hormones must have been raging, because I was CRAZY short-tempered all DAY! Lindsey and Terrell showed up early-ish, before 11 to get the boys and then Tim and I went to bed.

Saturday the 28th
Saturday was a good, crazy day. I got up and got ready for work, but I also had to figure out what we were going to do with Spencer and Grayson. Lindsey had to go to work at like 10 am or something crazy & we both had things to do. I couldn't take the boys to work with me, so we were waiting to see if Tim could take them to church & put them in the nursery. He could, so Lindsey met him there and the boys went in the nursery for the first 3 hours of our babysitting. I went on to Saturday school.
Once I got there, (late, oopsie!), I went to my room to get the pencil sharpener the kids like, and was shocked to find what looked like a caved in ceiling. I went back to tell Mrs. White, and then she came back to tell me, that my room hadn't had water damage, it had been VANDALIZED!

So, we went to survey the damage. "They" broke in the window, busted out a whole mess of ceiling tiles, stole the overhead projector that operates my Smart Board, and went back out the window. Mrs. White quickly went to get the custodian on the line & take care of the burgularly. I scoped out the other classrooms and they got the one next door to me, too. I was on pins and needles for the rest of Saturday School. It was all any of us could talk about. Turns out, there were 3 guys, 2 in the building and one in the mobiles. The ones in the building were smart, they knew precisely how our security system worked & used it to their advantage. But, they got caught, because our neighbor's noticed some commotion. The one in the mobile was armed and injured. He cut himself up on the glass from the window. But, he got away. Oh well.
After Saturday School, I took home one of my students and then headed to VB to meet Tim at church and get the boys. We left there and headed to Chic Fil A. Grayson fell asleep in the car. We managed to carry him in & lay him on the seat, and he slept the entire time we ate. Spencer played in his high chair while we ate. Then we carried Grayson back to the car, then into Tom and Peggy's house and upstairs. He slept the entire time we visited with them. We shared our news with them & they were pretty excited & happy. This is all bittersweet, because nobody wants to get their hopes up too high. (We're all STILL scared.) We left their house around 3:30 to head home. Grayson was STILL asleep.
When we got home, I carried Grayson in and put him down for a bit longer. Spencer also napped. I got a tiny bit of housework done & got in a few minutes of computer time before we had to run out again.
We headed to James and Missy's house around 4:55 and got over there after 5:00. Grayson FINALLY woke up, before we left to go to their house.
We hung out with James and Missy until about 9:30 and it was a good time. I didn't bring my camera but the boys hammed it up bigtime. Grayson is doing pretty well with sharing & not bullying (he actually didn't push Trevor at all!) I think he's finally learning that he has to play nice.
When we got home, Terrell was on his way back to our house (because he'd already come once, but his phone was dead so he didn't call. We weren't home, so he went home, plugged his phone in, then called us back.) so we waited. He got there shortly and took the boys home. We went to bed pretty much as soon as the boys were gone.

Sunday March 1
We woke up late. Tim left me and went to church because he had to run sound. I managed to get out of the house, but nowhere near on time for the 9:45 service. So I called Terrell and asked him if he'd like me to just pick the boys up, since I was running behind and would want to go to the 11:15 service. (the original plan was for him to drop them off at 11:15, and I was going to go out and about while Tim worked the 11:15) He said, sure, so I went by and got the boys. Only Spencer was just in a sleeper and I didn't want to take him to church like that. So, I went to Wal-Mart and bought him a cute little outfit.
Then we headed to church. I changed him in the parking lot & then took both boys into the nursery. Spencer goes in the baby room and Grayson goes in the big kid room. Then I snuck into the sanctuary just in time for church to start. It was a good service, about the last supper, and recognizing what Jesus did for us.
After church, Tim and I took my car and went to Plaza Azteca for lunch. It was gross. I did not like anything on my plate. Grayson ate his whole taco, but he was a BAD baby boy. Spencer chilled in his car seat & actually napped for part of the meal. The service sucked big time & we actually ended up with a different waiter when our waitress just disappeared. After lunch, we went back to church and got Tim's truck, then we headed home.

It was a pretty chill day at home. Tim and the boys took naps and I got some computer time and a ton of housework done.

I woke Tim up around 5:30 to take over in the playroom (watching the boys play & feeding Spencer) so that I could finish up the housework and then cook dinner. We ended up having Bagel Bites. After dinner I took Spencer into the office to relax for a bit and Tim kept Grayson. Then I had both boys for a while while Tim did who-knows-what.

After a bit, I got Spencer bathed and Tim took care of feeding Grayson. Until he threw a major-holy-mother of a temper tantrum and then I took over. I gave Grayson a bath and passed Spencer off to Tim all swaddled and ready for bed. Then I laid down in the bed with Grayson to put him to sleep. Our power went out around 9:30.
Tim got Spencer to sleep in the pack n play and came to bed. (I just slept there with Grayson--fully clothed, because I was so tired.) Lindsey called at about 10:45 that she was almost here, so I got up and got the boys ready to go. As soon as they left, I headed back to bed.
PHEW, what a week!

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