Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Would You Rather...?

Hey Folks,
It's time for another edition of Would You Rather, from Momdot!

Not Eat for 3 days or Not Sleep for 3 days?

Be an alcoholic or a kleptomaniac? (ok I had to look up kleptomaniac, but I'd rather be that than an alcoholic.)

Have to apologize on National television for marital infidelity or for a sexual shortcoming?

Give up your 3 favorite hobbies or lose your sex drive?

Lick the floor underneath the refrigerator or the underside of a toilet rim? (at least urine is sanitary right?)

Have no short term memory or no long term memory?

Pee your pants while meeting Leonardo Dicaprio or vomit on his shoes?

Be laughed at something you are proud of or not noticed at all?

Ok, my choices are in bold...now it's your turn. Copy & paste and let me know how you would decide...then head over to Momdot to share the fun with them too!


Smellyann said...

You'd rather lick under the toilet rim?! Gross!!!

Chicke3 said...

This is so funny!

I will be certified to teach 1-6th grade. My hope is that I will get a class in 1st through 3rd grade range because I student taught in a 4th grade class and I was miserable. But I had 2nd grade and loved it! But beggars can not always be chooser and I will be glad to just have a job :-)! I will keep your growing family in my prayers as well!