Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunday Update Part 3

Thursday 3/19:
I got chauffeured to work again on Thursday. It really is nice! I got mad at the math specialist in the morning. She had come in on the 18th and checked my calendar math. It was still set up for the 17th, because we don’t do it until after lunch. She marked me “incomplete” on one section because it was blank. Well, that particular section can only be completed on days that are composite numbers. 17 is a prime number. So, we had erased the 16 information and left it blank. It’s supposed to match the calendar. So, I asked her why she marked me off & that was her reasoning. After I complained about it being supposed to match the calendar she then tried to say that I didn’t have my arrays. Well, the arrays were made back in like November. My class did theirs on individual sheets of construction paper, which I then had bound into a class book of arrays. So, they are ALWAYS on the chalk tray with the calendar math bulletin board. She said the book was closed. It doesn’t even have a damn cover! It was sitting on the tray, open to the 17 page when she came in! So, she started to complain that she didn’t see anything that said arrays and the other thing should have still had the 16th’s information on it & I got mad. I crumpled the paper up and fussed at her and walked away! That was at 11:45 ish. When my kids got back from lunch we did the calendar for yesterday the 19th and made sure to leave the damn crap from the 18th up there. (Which is SO dumb, the whole entire board matches the calendar except for that one feature!) Then it was dismissal time.
After the kids left, I went and changed into jeans. Our training was dumb and boring. We had to organize our books and although mine were fine, I helped Ms. Riddick and Ms. Whitley get theirs together. After that, I headed back to my room and Tim was already on his way to get me.
We went to Haverty’s, the Room Store, Grand Furniture, and Value City. We found 1 couch that was ok, but not perfect, but they couldn’t get it for like a week, so we passed on that one. After our bummed out shopping session, we headed to Ci Ci’s for dinner.
While we were there, we ran into one of the guys Tim used to work with. He was telling Tim that he might be able to help him get his foot in the door with his new company. It would be a substantial raise & I wouldn’t even have to do day-care next year, if Tim can get over there! So, we’re prayerful that this will pan out!
After dinner, we headed home, and I hit the sack around 9:00pm.

Thursday-Friday Night

I started tossing and turning a lot earlier last night & was up at 10:30 and then just about every hour after that. I had one dream that I had just had the baby, but I had blacked out during the delivery. When I came to, they brought me this big baby boy with lots and lots of curly blond hair. Everyone was calling him Aiden (which isn’t even on our short list) as they were handing him to me. I wanted to try to breast feed him, but I was still wearing 2 bras. (My current situation.) So, we cut the bras off, because I couldn’t seem to get out of them and I lowered the baby down to try to feed him. He lurched forward and grabbed on with his mouth. His little mouth was full of teeth buds like a little vampire! At first he latched on perfectly, but then he pulled away and was biting my nipple. I had to tug on him to get him off, because he was hurting me! When he came off, there was milk dripping out of my boob, which I found both cool and gross. I had several more dreams, most of them much more disturbing than that one. Each time I’d wake up, I’d look at the clock, sigh, and try to get comfortable again. I’m having a REALLY hard time sleeping.

Friday 3/20
d to drive myself to work today, which sucked, but was really necessary. I got myself McDonald’s on the way in, though. So far things have been ok. I had an “audit” to see if I had my reading plans, which I did. Then the math specialist came in (didn’t say anything to me) and checked on my calendar math. Then she left. The kids have been either testing or working on their assignments that are due today. I’ve e-mailed Amanda a few times & I’ve written this whole Sunday Update. I’m pretty bored & looking forward to going across the street to get some food. I’m hungry!

Mom and Dad should be here tonight & after school, I have to race to get the house clean and do a McDonald’s mystery shop.

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