Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PUJ Bath Tub

A few weeks ago, we decided we needed a baby bath seat for Vinnie.  We never had one for Luke & I never really thought I'd be a mom to use one.  Then, we got into the habit of giving our gassy, colicy, fussy boy a bath in the kitchen sink 2-3 times a day and baths got to be a chore.  

I had a read a good review of a new "seat" (on one of my favorite Mom blogs....www.momdot.com) called the PUJ tub so I decided to check Craigslist to see if I could find a used one within our budget.  It was my lucky day, I guess, because I found one for $5!  This tub retails for $40 new!  

We are technically NOT using it correctly.  We give Vinnie sink baths so that he can soak in the warm water, which helps him relax and relieve some gas.  SO, we NEED the sink to be full of water & not drain.  The PUJ tub clearly states that it is NOT intended for use in this way & that you should NOT have a plug in the basin you are using.  

We do not use the PUJ for hands-free bathing, rather we use it to give our backs/hands a break when we are standing at the sink for 20 minutes while Vinnie has his bath.  

The PUJ tub uses magnets to go from being a flat piece of foam to a chair shaped bath seat.  The magnets are very strong and require two hands to undo.  

I was quickly able to figure out which side of thesink the PUJ would fit in best (though it does fit in both sides) and get started giving Vinnie a bath.  

I do fill the sink 1/2 way with water before I start.  When I first put Vinnie in, I put him in the sink without the PUJ.  I like to wash his hair in the water where I can "dunk" his head to rinse it.  He also likes to splash around a bit.

When I'm ready, I take the PUJ and slip it in the sink (holding Vinnie in one arm & the PUJ in the other) so that the seat fills with water but the tub is still suspended/supported by the sides of the sink.

Then I set Vinnie in the PUJ and finish washing him up.  You CAN let go, if you use common sense, which makes it nice to do a 2 handed wash of the baby.  Your hands are technically still ON them, but you aren't actually holding their weight up.  

I generally wash Vinnie up really quickly, splash some clean water on him from the faucet and then turn it off, so he can soak in the water pooled around his belly.  

If you are using the PUJ as directed that water will drain pretty quickly, so you kind of have to keep the faucet going if only to refill the little seat every couple minutes.

The way we use it, the seat stays full of water all around the middle parts of Vinnie, with his chest & feet out of the water.  His tummy is where its important though (since the warm water helps relieve gas) so it is working nicely for us.

Since we bought the PUJ (ours was 2nd-hand, already loved by 2 kids) Vinnie has only had 1 "tub" bath & all the rest have been in the sink.  I LOVE giving my babies tub baths and letting them play in the water, but the PUJ is just so convenient, its our go-to when Vinnie needs washed up!

Steps for bathing a baby with the PUJ tub:

1. Find a ridiculously cute baby that needs/wants a bath.

2. Fold both sides of the PUJ up until the magnets catch.  Rest the PUJ in your sink.

Right basin

Left basin
 3. If this is your first time--take a dry run to see which side baby fits in best while still allowing the faucet to reach baby.

 Step 4: Set the water temperature to a comfortable warm and turn the faucet so it runs into the PUJ but not onto baby.

Step 5: Add a naked baby.

Step 6: Wash that baby up! I find that I can scoop water from between his legs and beside his belly to use to rinse him with.  This makes washing his hair & toes SO much easier, since I don't have to worry about his head going under.

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Haasiegirl said...

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Ill try again. You have a ridiculously cute baby, so you are SO right about that!

I am happy you found one for such an amazing price. I found its also good for travel for me if going up to my parents house for the night.

Of course I have a linebacker of a son so soon he will be swimming in the tub. HA!

Thanks for reading my review. I often wonder if people read what i write at all and it made me feel good.