Wednesday, November 2, 2011

100 Days of Gratitude List

1-Nov. 1- Ice cream, Tim's job, the boys going to bed early
2-Nov. 2- Good friends
3-Nov. 3- My husband
4-Nov. 4-Good medicine/health insurance
5-Nov. 5-Doing fun things with my family
6-Nov. 6-Lazy days at home with my boys
7-Nov. 7-  My washing machines
8-Nov. 8-A great pediatrician
9-Nov. 9- Beth
10-Nov. 10- Cute clothes!

11-Nov. 11- For our military security!
12-Nov. 12-Lots of housework getting done
13-Nov. 13- Bounce House
14-Nov. 14-my planner (gotta love pencil & paper)
15-Nov. 15- MOPS & my new friends
16-Nov. 16- Ci Ci's Pizza coupons
17-Nov. 17-Tim NOT having class or meetings tonight!
18-Nov. 18-Alone time
19-Nov.19- Housework done & groceries bought!
20-Nov.20- Laundry!

21-Nov. 21- Mom & Dad loving on the boys
22-Nov. 22-Being an American
23-Nov. 23-Not having to cook
24-Nov. 24-Family, friends, love ones, God
25-Nov. 25- Shopping deals in store & online
26-Nov.26-Lazy days
27-Nov. 27- Quiet time in the car
28-Nov. 28- Left-overs
29-Nov. 29-Simultaneous naps

Nov. 30- Dec. 4 Missed :(

30-Dec. 4-The Hayes Family
31-Dec. 5- Tyler
32-Dec.6-End of the semester for Tim
33-Dec.7-Indian Summer
34-Dec.8-4 Months w/ Vinnie
35-Dec.9- Baby Laughter
37- Dec. 11
38-Dec. 12
39-Dec. 13
40-Dec. 14

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