Friday, November 18, 2011

What's On Your Fridge?

So, about a week ago, some of the lovely ladies who I "follow" on the Blog-O-Sphere did a little segment called, "What's on Your Fridge?" and shared a quick snapshot of their refrigerator & what lives ON it (not IN it!)

Dirty Diaper Laundry
Eco-Friendly Family
All About Cloth Diapers

It took me a while, but I am finally able to play along!!

 From the top left--to top right:

Norfolk Air magnet--they did our AC the summer I was pregnant with Luke, we'd totally recommend them to anybody.
Optima Partners in Pregnancy magnet--nurse help line
Phonics flash cards (laying on top of fridge)
Vinnie's ultrasound pictures, yep that's where I store them
The teddy bear is the mock-up Mom made for Luke's baby shower invitation.  It was too small.
Purina Pet Lover magnet/frame
Angel picture holders trip (on top of fridge) I gave these to Grams a few years back & they are one of the belongings I asked for when she passed away
Bon Secours No Wait emergency info magnet--not yet filled out
Poison Control Magnet--I've called them plenty of times--glad I have that handy!

Down a "layer":

The green dot is a magnet
On the kitchen clip are free frosty coupons from Wendy's & under that is one of Luke's alien magnets from Toy Story
Birth announcement for Tim's (our) cousin Daniel, the announcement is covered by 2 different frames, the Credit Union one & one my Mom made
Bounce House coupons
Vinnie's ultrasound pictures
A picture of Frankie & I, in a pink magnetic frame
A purple magnet
New York apple magnet from my one & only trip to NYC
Paperwork for Vinnie to go to the GI (but I cancelled that appointment)
A handful of wallets

Down a "layer":

A different nurse line magnet
Pastor Rachel's daughter, Izzie's baptism invite
Magnetically framed picture of our Godson, Trevor
2010 Calendar of Luke
Big Brother picture of Luke Framed in the "One in a Melon" frame Mom made
Toy Story magnets

Bottom Half:

Fridge Phonics toy

Left Side of the Fridge:

Our wedding Save The Date
The Save the Date for a friend's wedding
Kiddie Magnet
Kiddie Magnetic Frame w/ Vinnie's Little Brother 5x7 in it

Right Side of the Fridge:

Magnetic Tot-Lock Key for all the bottom cabinets
Voter's Registration Cards for Tim & I
Chip Clip
More Toy Story Magnets
Luke's Big Brother picture that we used to announce my pregnancy

So, our fridge isn't TOO bad & it all either has meaning or is I don't feel bad sharing it with you!

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