Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!!


Seriously, its my favorite holiday.  Most people have a Christmas village---I have a Halloween one. :)  

So, our celebrating began on Saturday when I had to make cupcakes to donate to Seton House, for church.  I like making cupcakes and am excited to donate some more this month. 

Here is the cupcake Aaron got to help decorate:

And here are the cupcakes I donated:

Sunday was just a church day and we didn't do any celebrating, besides dressing the boys in their Halloween clothes.

On Monday, I had Grayson and Spencer all day.  Frankie came over to help me out with them, which was a life-saver.

Without Frankie's help I never would have finished my sewing on the "Monkey On My Back" carrier cover or Luke's Buzz Lightyear gloves & boots.  

The day was very stressful for me & I had little patience with the nonsense of three little boys (Vinnie is an angel, always) so I would have gone crazy without Frankie's help.

Around 4:00 we started getting ready to go.  Vinnie was of course the easiest to get dressed.  Here is his little monkey costume, that I bought at the thrift store for $4.00!!  (It's a Carter's costume.)

Vinnie was 12 weeks old on his first Halloween.

His eyes are so red because we are ALL fighting a head cold. 
 And in action in the baby carrier:

 These are the Buzz Lightyear boot covers I made for Luke.  His costume was a hand-me-down so we had to hide a few imperfections (it was too short) and make it personalized.

 I also made cool gloves for Luke.  I took a pair of purple gloves and cut the wrists off, then I cut the fingers off of a pair of white gloves.  I slipped the purple gloves inside the white ones and sewed them together.  Wallah--purple tipped, white space ranger gloves!

The final touch (and coolest part) of Luke's costume was the Buzz Lightyear ski mask I found at Wal-Mart for $6.00.  At first he wouldn't wear it, but when the boys wanted to then he was all about it. (because you know 2 year olds--they hate sharing)

Luke had a blast pretending to fly like Buzz.  He was 2 years and 2 weeks old on Halloween.

We were supposed to go to Greenbrier Mall to trick or treat from 5:00-5:45 and then over to Central Baptist Church for Trunk or Treat, but I wasn't ready to go on time, so we just went to McDonald's for dinner, then Food Lion, and finally to Trunk or Treat.

 They had a Bounce House.  Luke had 2 or three turns, each 2 turns long (bc he was the youngest kid in there    & they let him stay in) and loved every minute of it.  I really think one of those for the back yard would be a worthwhile investment for us!

 Luke was NOT a fan of waiting in line though, so when it was time to trick or treat he got bored, really quickly.

I didn't get any pictures of him wearing them, but my friend, Liz, lent us a pair of Buzz Lightyear wings for Luke to wear too...he was SO cute!  

We ended up heading to the van by 7:15 and being home before 8 pm.  (I had to nurse Vinnie before we could leave.)  

I enjoyed our celebration & dressing the boys up.  I can't wait until next year! I told Tim my "resolution" for 2012 is to actually put up all of the decorations we own!

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