Monday, October 31, 2011

Fire Department Trip

Free, fun, educational--the three best things that can be said about entertainment for kids, right?  

A couple Saturdays ago, we had to go to the local fire department to get car seats installed.  While we were there, they let Aaron and Luke check out the firetrucks.  It was a great impromptu afternoon event.  

The fire fighter answered all of Aaron's questions, put Luke up in the truck, and really made them feel special.  

Aaron enjoyed climbing in and out of the truck and learning about the jaws of life.  

Luke was fascinated with the TRUCK and wanted to push ALL of the buttons in the driver's seat. (I hope they double-check all of that before heading out!)  

We will definitely go back again (many times) over the years for Luke to learn all about the trucks and the firemen and their jobs.  I love that the station is right in our neighborhood!  

I can't wait until Luke is old enough to not be scared of the gear, so he can see a fireman all suited up. :)  

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