Thursday, November 10, 2011

100 Days of Gratitude Days 7-10

Monday Nov. 7
I'm thankful for my washing machines.

We bought the laundry when we bought our house in June of 2007.  They are still going strong even though they get PLENTY of use and abuse!

I love them!

Tuesday Nov. 8
I'm thankful for a great pediatrician!

So, Luke developed a fever during the night & I had to take him to the pediatrician.  They are so awesome there.

While we were waiting for the doctor, Luke managed to pinch his thumb in the canopy of the stroller for the THIRD time.  This time was REALLY bad though.  I couldn't get his hand out.  I had to get a nurse to come pull his hand while I pulled on the stroller.  It was terrible.

The doctor came right in to examine his hand but it was too swollen for her to tell anything.  She gave me advice and support.

A few hours later, Luke still wouldn't use the finger, so I called them back.  The doctor got on the phone with me and gave me advice again.  She recommended that we go to Patient First for some x-rays.

It ended up not being broken, but we all felt better knowing that!

Wednesday Nov. 9
I'm thankful for my sister in law and good naps. :)

My sister in law, Beth, is often home during the day (she works nights a lot of the time) and therefore is available to help out with the boys at the "drop of a hat" notice.  This is a life-saver to me.  Without her help there are many days I feel like I'd go insane.

Yesterday, Beth met me at a doctor's appointment and took care of BOTH boys for me.  I really appreciate her  doing that & she's really good with them!

On Tuesday, she came over in the middle of the day to help out with my cranky boys and stayed through taking Luke to the urgent care center.

Thursday Nov. 10
I'm thankful for cute clothes for my kids.

There are rarely days that I can't dress the boys matching or coordinating.  The best part is, I really didn't buy most of their clothes!

Grams was so awesome while I was pregnant with Lucas.  She bought clothing across all four seasons in all sizes, since we had no idea what size baby to expect.  Because of this, there were some things that didn't get worn or didn't get worn much with Luke that were like-new for Vinnie!  :)  

It warms my heart to be able to dress them so that they are matching and are totally adorable.

The clothes that didn't come from Grams, are hand-me-downs from friends and family.  I love hand-me-downs. It is so nice to see clothes getting extra love rather than being tossed!

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