Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

Ugh. I'm a bad blogger.  I'm a good Mommy though.

Today's Top 10 Tuesday is a list of things I DON'T like at the moment:

1. Sick children. I love my children, I don't love the sickness.  They are so miserable and there's not much I can do besides nurse & snuggle.  Which, while I LOVE nursing & snuggling and even doing both at the same time, I do have to get OTHER things done daily.

2. Tim having class and not coming home until after bed time.  I miss him.  The kids miss him.  My sanity is thrown out the window by dinner time.  BUT, he needs to go to school to get a degree and earn the big buck-a-roos.

3. Sprained ankles--its been 2 weeks (as of tomorrow) and my darn ankle still hurts.  Not bad enough to wear the brace, but bad enough that I know its still sore.

4. Unorganized house...agh, we're still recovering from reorganizing the house 2 weeks ago & we're not done "organizing"...close but not their yet.

5. No sweets in the house & not being able to eat birthday cake flavored ice cream.  I REALLY want birthday cake ice cream...but it seems to be upsetting Vinnie's tummy when I have too much dairy and we already knew it made his excema break out.  :(  Not having any alternative sweets in the house is just about killing me.

6. Not having my camera's battery charged & at the ready.  I like taking pictures.  Whenever I want.  I do NOT like a dead battery on my camera.

7. Sore feet.

8. Laundry.   I HATE folding/putting away laundry.

9. Noisy dogs waking up my babies.

10. An itchy back and no husband at home to scratch it

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