Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hand, Foot, Mouth 15 Weeks Yuckiness

So, 2 weeks ago, Luke was diagnosed with a double ear infection after 2 weeks of having a cold & FINALLY spiking a fever.

He wouldn't take the ammoxicillan, so a week later we were back at the doctor's.  Still had the double ear infection & they prescribed a Z-Pack.

He didn't really take that & today he was STILL running a temperature, so we headed back to the doctor.

Vinnie ran a temperature on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Monday morning he was normal, but by 4 in the afternoon he'd popped another fever & was just a mess.

So, I had both boys looked at.

The doctor examined Vinnie first & didn't see any reason for his fevers. :(

Then he examined Luke.  The good news is that both of Luke's ear infections are healed up! Yay! Without any obvious scar damage! Woot!

The bad news is, a--his ears were SERIOUSLY gunky which was gross and b--he has a great big ulcer on the right side of his throat.  The doctor said that's probably why he was crying about his ears hurting.

He has another sore coming on his hand, but other than that so far it seems to be a pretty mild case.

Luke weighed in at 24.2 lbs and Vinnie was 12 lbs and 14 oz.  My little chunker!  I can't believe he's almost 13 lbs already!

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