Wednesday, November 2, 2011

100 Days of Gratitude -Day 1 & Introduction

So, the buzz around the internet yesterday was that November is "Giving Thanks" month and that it is also a great time to start 100 Days of Gratitude.  
I like the idea & think it will be fun to reflect on my days & say something I am thankful for!  So, from Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011 through Wednesday February 8, 2012, I will be keeping a record of the things I am greatful for! 

Won't you join along??

(1) Nov. 1 -I am thankful for Pet Birthday Cake ice cream & both boys asleep by 9:30. 

I was having a rough few days, with very little sleep, thanks to the entire family having head colds.  
I managed to get out and do the grocery shopping, restocking our supply of Pet Birthday Cake ice cream.  That stuff is DELICIOUS.  It is seriously the best ice cream I've ever eaten. (Its better than Cold Stone Creamery's cake batter flavor!)  
I also got at least two weeks' worth of meat and plenty of other food and supplies.  It is such a blessing to be able to buy groceries without worrying about going over a certain amount or not having enough money to buy the little treats we enjoy.  I am glad that Tim's new job gives us that security and for now we can afford a few luxuries (like ice cream!)  
So, really, I'm thankful for Tim's job and the security the boys and I have, knowing Daddy is taking good care of us and meeting our needs.  (and sacrificing his own to spoil his wifey)  
I was also very thankful that I finally got Luke to bed at 8 pm and then that I was able to get in bed with Vinnie at 8:40.  I am so tired that just laying down to nurse him, knowing I didn't have to get up again any time soon (Tim was on his way home) was so nice.  

So, starting small and not too deep, but there you have it, that's what I'm thankful for today.

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