Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weaning...or not....update on the lumps

So, I ended up starting Vinnie on bottles of pumped milk, because he wasn't able to get enough milk from my left breast.  By the 6th day of attempting to wean from the right breast, I was in pain, Vinnie was cranky & not sleeping or eating well, and we were just miserable.

Vinnie will drink from a bottle which is great, but I wasn't getting ANYTHING from leftie on the pump & don't want to pump too much from righty.  Nobody answered my call for corn free, dairy free, banana free donated milk (long shot right?) so I haven't gone that route yet either.

I called and talked to Stacey K. and we decided that the emotional stress of trying to wean just wasn't worth it for the CHANCE that it might help healing after the biopsy. So, we decided to quit trying to wean & just limit the production on the right.  Vinnie is nursing on the left breast at least every other time (although he does often finish on the right) and Luke is down to nursing only at nap & bedtime.

When I went to see Dr. Goldstein on Thursday June 28, I let her know that I wasn't going to continue with the weaning attempts & that I'd like to move the biopsy up.

I also got the news that I have a 1.3cm "nodule" (lump) on my thyroid that would need a biopsy as well.

Dr. G says that her personal comfort level of when to biopsy the nodule was at 1 cm but the radiologist's was at 1.5 cm.  It was up to me whether I wanted to wait 6 months or do the biopsy now.  In light of everything else going on, I figured I might as well get it over with now.

So, I will now be having my ultrasound guided core breast biopsy on July 9 and my ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration on my thyroid n July 10.

I've arranged a babysitter for July 16 at 11 am, which is when Tim and I will go get the test results from the two biopsies.

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