Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So, yesterday morning we got a late start heading out to my biopsy of my breast.

We went to the wrong building to start with and that made us another couple minutes late. :/

When we finally got checked in at the right place I ate a couple graham crackers & drank some water (they have a little refreshment area.)

I was quickly taken back for the procedure to start.  The technician, "G", explained everything to me, marked my breast and then brought in the doctor.  She also made me a new follow-up appointment to get my test results on Wednesday afternoon. The doctor re-explained everything to me and we got started.  The initial stick for the anesthetic was painful but after that I couldn't really feel anything.  I tried to watch the ultrasound but once I saw the big needle go in I couldn't look at the screen anymore, so I just talked to G.  
The doctor used a "gun" type device and counted to three to insert the needle & withdraw it two times.  Then she was done. :)

G cleaned me up & applied 3 "steri-strip butterfly" bandages and a gauze pad with a big sticker over it.

After that was done I was ready to go home.   Tim and I stopped at Chic-Fil-A and had a quick breakfast and at Lawrence Pharmacy for some Tylenol.

At home I felt okay, there was enough lidocaine in me that as long as I had ice on it (they gave me tear drop boobie shaped ice packs) I wasn't in too much pain. I was able to straighten up a bit, have lunch with mom & the boys and get them both down for naps.

Then I left Mom & Tim home with them while I went to the post office, Wal-Mart, the bank, Wendy's, and the mall.  Ms. Kim, our wonderful photographer friend is gone. :( She quit working at the photo studio without so much as a warning.

When I got home, the pain was pretty bad and so I took a nap from about 4-6:30.

Dale & Diana Johnson brought pizza for dinner and we had a long visit with them.  Then it was bedtime for the boys and for Mama.

This morning we were supposed to get moving even earlier, but didn't manage to get up on time either.

We were about 5 minutes late getting to the hospital but they didn't complain. I was quickly checked in & then taken back within about 15 minutes.

The nurse explained what was going to happen to me and then everyone piled in, I think there were 5-6 people in the room.

The doctor came in and got me all prepped for the procedure.  I warned him not to lean on my boob.

The lidocaine shots were quite painful and burn-y and they stuck me multiple times with the medicine. :/

After I was numbed up, they did the procedure, which involved three more sticks with a "wiggly" needle, basically they jiggle the needle around to scrape some tissue off.  Then another doctor was called to look at the samples under a microscope and let them know that they had a good sample.

It took a minute for me to be able to stand up, because I was woozy and I asked for some ice because I could already feel that it was going to hurt.

Tim and I got Burger King on the go on the ride home and I pretty much went straight to bed.  I just got up at about noon, both boys are napping & so is mom.

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