Sunday, June 24, 2012

1/2 Weaning Day 3 & 4

Saturday June 23-Day 3 &  Sunday June 24- Day 4

So, Saturday went pretty well.  Tim let me sleep in and Vinnie didn't nurse until about 9:45 in the morning. He did well nursing on the left but didn't fall asleep until I let him nurse on the right.  Then we went grocery shopping.  Both boys were so tired & hungry after the LOOONG grocery shopping trip that I let him nurse on the right without trying the left.

Then, we went to Relay for Life & I offered him the left breast 2x and the right breast 2x but he didn't nurse very long on either one because of the heat.  

When we got home, he nursed completely on the left & went to sleep!!

I had Tim help me pump.  We pumped the right breast until it was soft enough to not nurse on during the night & then attempted to pump the left, but it was bone dry!  Vinnie had done a good job!!

I managed to get 3oz. between the two of them.  

All night long Vinnie only nursed on the left breast.  First thing in the morning though, I let him nurse on the right because it was quite full.  I also had Luke nurse on the left. 

So far today he has nursed on the left all the way until about 1:30. when I had him nurse on the right during nap, in an attempt to get him to sleep.  BUT, Luke woke him up & he stopped nursing & started biting!  

So, righty is a little full, I might need to pump a bit off soon, and lefty is trying hard to keep up.  

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