Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Challenge Day 8 & 18

Day 8 Not including blogging-your guilty pleasure

Its not really a "guilty" pleasure, but my absolute joy right now is sewing.  I never ever have time for it, but I love doing it. :) I've been getting a lot accomplished both for my own kids & for others too, so that's great.

Day 18 A recipe you love

My favorite "recipe" right now is "homemade pop tarts" and they are so ridiculously simple its not funny!!

I use a store bought dry pie crust mix, jelly, peanut butter & honey, and peanut butter & chocolate chips.

All you do is mix up the pie crust according to the directions and then roll it out (pastry thin) & cut into rectangles.  Make sure each rectangle has a match.

Then smear A LITTLE filling in the center of one crust, cover with the 2nd half and then pinch the edges closed.

Cook according to the directions (though maybe a couple minutes less) and enjoy! They were even able to go into the toaster to reheat!

Our first batch (2 pie crusts worth) didn't even make it through the day!
2nd batch, pre-baking 

First batch, fresh out of the oven, you can see where one of the jelly ones had too much filling.

2nd batch, out of the oven (cooked a minute less this time)

Ready for brunch! 

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Shayla Burks said...

Awesome! I never would have thought of this!