Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 1 & 12

I'm starting on day 12 of the "Summer Blog Challenge" hosted by Going Green with the Grilz so I figure I'll do 2 a day until I'm caught up. :)

Day 1 Why are you doing this challenge?   
Day 12 Worst injury & how you got it

I'm going to attempt to do this challenge because lately all I've been posting are my "Sunday" updates, which don't even always happen on Sunday...more like once every 2-4 weeks!  I LOVE that I can use my blog like a diary and have that memory kept for me, especially since my actual memory sucks, but I know other folks probably don't enjoy reading about what my two boys and I did all day.  (Especially on the really lame days where all we do is housework & laundry.)

My blog is MY space and I write it for me, but I do enjoy having a few followers and getting the occasional comment or feedback on my posts, and I know participating in a blog hop will help with that too.

Finally, I LOVE responding to prompts.  When I used to assign my students writing prompts I always "wrote" a prompt in my head as well (and many times I'd do a mock-up with the class!) and I just adore answering prompts....I used to love those books as a kid that had 1/2 a sentence and a crazy doodle on each page & then you got to write a story to go along with it.  So, this will satisfy my need for creative outlet as well!

5th Grade Softball Picture--
NOT from when I broke my thumb,
but its all I've got on the computer

The worst injury I have ever gotten is when I was about 12 or 13 I broke my thumb.  I was playing a ball game at Plaza Middle School, Edwards was my coach, and I stole third base.  I slid in and landed wrong on my hand, snapping the tendon in my thumb.  As a child, tendons are stronger than bones, and so when the tendon broke it tore a chunk of bone out of my thumb bone.

I ended up seeing a lot of doctors, spending the summer in several casts, and having 2 surgeries over it.  I missed out on playing All Stars (but still made the team) and everything.  I needed physical therapy and have had arthritis in that hand ever since.

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