Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June Part 1

So, Luke started throwing up during the night on the 30th and has continued to do so every night since then.

During the day he is fine and dandy though, so we haven't let it keep us from our daily routines! :)

Friday June 1 we spent getting ready to go on our weekend getaway....and I got some custom sewing done.

Saturday June 2 we got up & started getting ready to leave town, there was a lot to do and we were pressed for time to make it to Lynchburg before the wedding started at 5 pm.

We finally left the house about 20 minutes later than we wanted to leave Mandy's house and headed over there to drop Aaron off.  We visited in the van for just a few minutes and then hit the road just before 12.

Luke and I ran into Wal-Mart for a gift & some lunch and then we officially got on the road.

The boys napped (as planned) and I navigated & chatted with Tim.  I did get a short nap in, but  I was enjoying the ride and remembering things and noting how things have changed in the last 7 years.

We got to the hotel, got unloaded, and checked in and settled into the room to quickly change for the wedding and nurse Vinnie.

We ended up being a bit late to the wedding, but at least we go to hear/see Angelina say her vows! :)

The boys did really well for about an hour & a half of the reception & then they went down hill fast!

We made a beeline out of there at around 7:45 thinking the boys would fall asleep in the van...they didn't.

Luke and I were hungry, so we got Firehouse Subs for dinner and ate in the room.

Then we fought the kids to get them to sleep...I think it was around 11:30 before they were both asleep! (Luke woke to puke around 5 am)

Sunday June 3 we got up early (per the boys) and had the "Continental" breakfast in the hotel.  It wasn't bad & Luke managed to eat a bit & Vinnie even ate some apples.

Then we went back to the room & changed.  Tim took Luke to the pool while Vinnie and I straightened up some.  Then I took Vinnie down & let him swim for 20 minutes too!

At 10 am, I brought Vinnie back to the room and gave him a bath & then nursed him down for a nap.  When Tim & Luke got back they showered & got dressed while I finished packing us out of the hotel.

We were on the road by 11:15.

From the hotel we went to Farmville.  We drove around town & checked things out.  I went to the new Barnes & Noble bookstore & bought a color "Alumni" bumper sticker.  Then we went to BK & Subway for lunch.  We took our food to a little park near the school and ate and let Luke run a bit.

After I had nursed Vinnie & we played, we got back into the van to head to Crewe.

We took Luke to the Crewe Railroad Museum and he had a blast.  The boy LOVES trains. :) Its a free museum & if you're ever in the area or passing through its worth the stop.  I wouldn't drive 3 hours JUST to go there, (since we did the whole thing with a 2 year old in 1 hour) but it was worth it for us.

After the museum we headed back through Farmville and out to Buckingham County to visit the Corbins.

We had a GREAT visit at their home and even got dinner!  Before we knew it, it was 7:30 and past time to be heading home.

We grabbed a mini pizza at Pino's in Dilwyn and hit the road.

We didn't get home until after 11 or 12 and we pretty much went straight to bed.  (Luke still managed to puke during the night.)

Monday June 4 we spent the day at home, unpacking and cleaning.

Tuesday June 5 Frankie came over first thing in the morning and we headed to Ocean View to get a truck load of beach sand for free. Then we came home, picked up Grayson & Spencer, got 5 minutes down the road & then came back.

Mom & Dad had gotten to the house, so I left Luke with them while I took the boys to Amanda's house (with Frankie).

When I got home, I visited with Mom & Dad for a few minutes before they left.  Then it was naptime for the boys.

While they napped, I sewed.

In the evening I took Vinnie and went grocery shopping.

*My friend Liz found out she is expecting a baby girl in October, so I finally finished her footies!*

Wednesday June 6 is today! I got up early and got some housework done.  Luke had a doctor's appointment with his pediatrician about the puking at 2 pm.  We were late and ended up having to wait until after 3!

The doctor said basically he has "benign cyclic vomiting" and that she's not sure what is causing it.  We are putting him on a bland diet & tomorrow he'll get a bunch of tests done.  (bloodwork & x-rays)

I wanted to run errands today, but lack of funds & gas kept me from doing that.

Grayson & Spencer came over for a bit this evening and the kids are all tucked in bed.

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