Friday, June 22, 2012

Awesome Friends, Great Fluff!

My IRL (in-real-life) friend from Diaperswappers, Hilary, just gifted us a HUGE trash bag stuffed full of diapers & wool for $5!

The trash bag was stuffed with:

Medium Royal Buns Interlock longies (that perfectly match his knitted onesie!)
Medium Rainbow Waters Interlock shorties
8 BG OS Inserts & 8 BG Infant Inserts
12 Zabibaby Rainbow Edge (Large) Prefolds
17 White Edge Prefolds (have to ask her what brand they are)
12 Flip Stay Dry Inserts
Newborn Ooga Booga hat (I will probably send this to one of my internet-DS friends)
2 Random Bamboo Fleece doublers
8 Large BG 3.0 & 4.0 AIOs
2 OS BG 4.0 Pockets (one snap, one velcro)
1 Medium BG 3.0 AIO
4 Medium Bottombumpers (I actually traded those to her a couple months ago, guess they didn't work out...)
6 PUL covers

The boys playing in the pile & Vinnie trying on the longies.

Newborn Ooga Hat

7 3.0or 4.0 BG AIOs Sz. Large, 1 2.0 AIO Sz. Large




Microfiber Inserts & Flip Inserts

Thank you so much Hilary!! We can use almost all of it! I will FFS/give away what I can't use! :)

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