Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another 1/2 a month is gone....May Update Part 2

On Monday, the boys and I drove to Emporia to spend the night before my court date in the morning.

Court in Emporia- The judge was in a good mood, he reduced my expired inspection ticket to just paying a $10 fine & reduced my speeding ticket to defective equipment, a $120 fine.

We went home after lunch.


Vinnie had a doctor's appointment at 9 am, due to the head cold and fever he'd been having.  The doctor couldn't find anything wrong that he could treat and sent us on our way. :(

We ran a few errands, mostly going thrift store shopping and getting Luke's hair cut.  We also had lunch at CiCi's.

In the afternoon we picked Aaron up from school and he and Luke played together until Betti picked Aaron up.

I left around 5:15 for my 2nd chiropractor appointment.  The massage therapist was a bit too strong for me & I'm sore from it today (Thursday) so I don't think I'll use her again. :/  BUT, I can turn my head without pain and that is awesome!


Today didn't go as planned, but I think we turned it into a pretty good day!  :) We got up, and did our normal housework, thinking we were prepping for Beth to come over so I could have a sewing marathon.  Then we found out Beth couldn't stay very long at all & that pretty much made sewing a washout.

So, we quickly made back-up plans for Karen & Thomas to come over to play!

The boys actually played REALLY well together for about 2 hours and then they melted down REALLY fast & Luke went straight to bed! :)

Vinnie took a 3 hour & 45 minute long nap & Luke took an hour & 30 minute long nap!

I got a TON of work done in the kitchen & I took pictures to prove it, there is still a lot of work/dishes to be done, but it was pretty funky in there...and now its not too bad.

Hand wash stuff to the left of the sink, hand wash silverware/small utensils in the bucket

cleared off one counter, dirty hand wash stuff on the stove top, cleared off the other counter too

Floor is swept & you can MOVE through the room!

machine wash pile on the left (already washed!) and more hand-wash dishes on the right

View from the living room (and my little helper)
After both boys were up, Daddy got home & I made french toast, sausage, and scrambled eggs for dinner.  Then we took a walk around the block & to the park! :)

Luke had a blast jumping in a million puddles.



The Fun Forest play-date we had planned to go to was cancelled/moved and so we weren't able to go.
Instead we ended up at Liz's house for a playdate.   I think we went grocery shopping afterwards.


Aaron's baseball game in the morning.  Vinnie got his first sun burn. :( Aaron got to bring home the game ball for stealing 2nd, 3rd, and home to score the game-tying run.

Verbolten had opened on Friday at Busch Gardens so we went up & spent the entire day & night there.  We didn't leave until after midnight! 

You can see Vinnie's nursing sun-burn in these pictures.

That's about how I feel on the carousel.  I can ride roller coasters & spinny rides all day, but the carousel makes me instantly sick! 

Luke's such a big boy! He got to ride the kiddie bumper cars & did awesome!



After Tim got home from work we all went to Tom & Peggy's house.  We had a quick dinner with them (pizza) and Tim helped them out with their computer.
Afterwards we went to Amanda's softball game, but it was over by the time Luke & I found the field.

We went to a morning Bounce House play-date with Liz, Karen (and her mom), and Hilary.  The kids had fun & we got to visit for a bit.  Vinnie even got to play in the Bounce House! :)
Afterwards we got some groceries and lunch.

We had a play date with my new friend Alicia and her kids.  She has a pass to Botanical Gardens and so we went with her to play at the splash park.

We went to Trevor's 5th birthday party & then to Frankie's work to swim.  Luke did great swimming with swimmies on his arms and Vinnie got to experience his first time in the pool!

We went to Emporia for a Memorial Day picnic with Mom & Dad.  It was a nice relaxing day.

In the afternoon we went to Tom & Peggy's house for Memorial Day.  It was crazy and packed.

I tried to get in the baby pool out back with the kids, but it started raining just as we headed out.
Fortunately, the sun (and heat) came back after Tim got home from work & he took the boys out back to play (and Luke swim) so I could clean up the kitchen and make dinner.

We got up and moving early so we could go to the Orb Family Fun Center with Liz and Debbie.  The kids had a blast.
Vinnie reacted to sweet potatoes at dinner.  We aren't sure why he is suddenly allergic to them, but I guess from now on he can't have them.

Luke started throwing up in his sleep during the night between Wednesday & Thursday.  We can't figure out the cause (as of June 6) and so he is going to get some tests done tomorrow.

I've been doing a lot of sewing these last few weeks.

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