Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Days 22-24

I fell a few days behind, after the whole "boob" incident, but I'm going to catch up today & try to stay on track!!  (It wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy to stay on track!)

Day 22 "When I was a Kid" (What did you want to be when you grew up?)

I wanted to be a teacher and I was/ I guess I did good. :)   From 5th grade on, I knew I wanted to be a teacher, I think I may have even blogged about it at some point.  I know I wrote most of my college entrance essays on the topic.  
A teacher "lied" to me and made me miss an event that I wanted to attend because of her inability to pass along the information I needed and I vowed not to be THAT kind of teacher.
Unfortunately, by the time I became a teacher the days of teacher created lessons were long gone & teaching was not the dream job I envisioned. 
Teaching to the test and strict rules of how to spend each and every classroom minute made teaching no fun. The students' challenging lifestyles and lack of respect for each other & authority made it difficult. 

I wasn't happy as a teacher and I'm glad that I am blessed and fortunate enough to stay home with my babies and someday be "teacher Mom" to them as we join the ranks of homeschoolers.

Day 23 Favorite Blog Post Ever

I think the most important blog post I've written & that I've put the most time into is the post about attachment parenting.

Day 24 Favorite Eco-Friendly Thing to do

EASY! Hands down my favorite eco-friendly thing we do is cloth diapering! :)  I LOVE my fluff.  I mean, the boys' fluff.  Cloth diapering is great for the kids, for the environment, and for the checkbook!  

It would only take you a few clicks around my blog to realize that we are quite into our cloth diapers around here! 

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