Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Days 2 and 13

June 2 -Post a picture of yourself smiling

Here are a few of my FAVORITE pictures of myself!

Between Dec. 2007-June 2008 I'm not quite sure how old Carolynn is in this picture

Aug. 2006--Our Honeymoon

Laura's Wedding 

Probably my Junior year of college

First Month of College--Mud Fight -- 17 years old

Well, that one was easy enough!

June 13- How do you see yourself by the end of the year?

It's June already, and I guess by the end of this year I'll probably be in the same place.  Mama to two sweet little dudes, staying at home keeping up with the house and loving on my man. :)
Hopefully our finances will be a little better and our house a little more tidy, but all in all, I don't anticipate a lot of change in the next 6 months.

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