Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Catch Up Post (6, 7, 9-11, 15-17)

Finally trying to make good on my goal and get caught up! 

Day 6 Nicknames you have & why

Tim calls me "Lady", he refuses to call me "Stevie".  My real name is Stephanie Ann and I have gone by Stevie my entire life.  ALL of my family calls me Stevie.  My husband and his family are the only non-family people who call me Steph or Stephanie. 

I never, ever allow ANYBODY to call me Stephy.  Except my Grams (maysherestinpeace) she was allowed to.  

My mom calls me Snuffleupagus.  Its a pet name she's had for me since I was a baby, something to do with my big sister (5 years older than me) not being able to say my real name correctly. 

The kids call me Auntie Stevie, even ones who aren't related to me by blood.  :) 

I think of myself as Stevie and have even told Tim that that's what I FEEL my name is....but he sticks by Steph.  

Day 7 Picture of something that makes you happy

This guy :

And this guy:

My sons are my sunshine. They make me smile every day.  They are my pride & joy and my world would be meaningless without them.

Day 9-- Your worst cooking disaster.
I am not a good cook.  If I REALLY want to be, I can be.  But, I lack focus and therefore I've had LOTS of cooking mishaps.  

I think the worst things I have done all involve melting plastic.  There's really no better way to ruin your meal than to melt plastic into it.  

In college, I heated my "Jr. Fry Daddy" up with the plastic lid firmly attached, thus ruining the grease and leaving it coverless forevermore.  

While living in our apartment, I melted a cupcake carrier on the top of the stove and ruined a burner.  We had to take a burner from our home and put it on the stove in our apartment when we moved out.  We lived here for a while with only 3 burners on our stove.  When we finally found out we could BUY replacement burners, we got a new one, but its not quite the same as the others and is obviously a replacement.  

I've also turned on the oven to preheat, while still full of dishes, including plastic lids....but not in my own home--because HELLO, I don't store things in the oven! 

Day 10-- Cost aside, famous art piece you would have in your home.
If I had to pick immediately a piece of artwork that is meaningful to me, only two come to mind.  

The first is The Madonna Litta is a late 15th century painting of the Madonna nursing the infant Jesus which is generally attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. 

If it was good enough for Jesus & nobody shunned Mary for nursing her baby, then why shouldn't I nurse mine too?  

The 2nd painting I do not know the name of, but a good family friend has a copy of it hanging in their home & I've always been comforted by it, it is a picture of a mother admiring her baby.

Day 11-- Best day of your life.

I honestly can't name a single best day of my life--there have been a lot of good days!

-Remeeting Tim, Jan. 4, 2004
-Tim's ultimatum & all that followed
-May 21, 2005 Tim's proposal
-Aug. 5, 2006 getting married
-the Nov. 2008 day that I got my first ever BFP
-the Feb. 2009 day that I got the BFP for Luke's pregnancy
-Oct. 18, 2009 Luke's birthday, the day I became a mother
-Dec. 18, 2010 Vinnie's BFP
-August 5, 2011 Our 5th anniverary
-August 8, 2011 Vinnie's birthday

Day 15 Post a picture that you're proud of

I took this picture of Vinnie at Bluebird Gap Farm and I just love it.  I WISH the stroller wasn't behind Vinnie and if I ever found a photographer who could edit that out I'd be so happy, but, I really do love everything else about this photo, including the fact that Vinnie is wearing the first pair of overalls I ever made! :)

Day 16 Fitness guru or couch potato--talk about fitness habits

I am a bum.  I am constantly behind on sleep, thanks to my two guys who don't STTN yet, so I rarely have energy to even get through the day, let alone THINK about exercise. 
When I was more active I loved playing sports and moving, but nowadays, I'd much rather relax with a good book and snuggle somewhere.  

Day 17 Three things you are proud of about your personality

1. I am very organized. 
2. I have the ability to take charge and be a leader.
3. I don't make "best" friends very easily, but when I do, I truly value the friendship.

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