Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update Time

Wednesday Sept. 2-
I did housework & packed all of our stuff for Pennsyvlania.  Tim got home around 2:00.  We got the truck loaded & were on the road just before 4:00.  We got to Pennsylvania around 12:15.  We took the "Paw Paw" route.  I was in a lot of pain & had to make 2 "unneccesary" stops just to move my hips. 

Thursday Sept. 3-
We spent our first day in Pennsylvania getting things ready for the shower.  Tim cut my hair.  Mom & Grandmom went and had their hair done.  We went grocery shopping.  Mom made veal for dinner. 

Friday Sept. 4-
We spent Friday getting ready for the shower too.  Tim did some work in the basement for dad.  In the afternoon, Dad, Frankie, Tim, and Tony went to the shooting range. 

Saturday Sept. 5-
We spent the entire morning up until the shower started getting the house ready & eveything taken care of for the shower.  The baby shower started at 2:00 and was wonderful.  It was after 6:00 before Aunt Rosie & Debbie left.  Tim and I decided to take Mom & Dad to dinner in Greensburg about 30 minutes away, so we left as soon as we could to head over there.  Dinner was good and we used our credit card to pay for it, so no problems there.  When we got home it was after 9 & pretty much bed time. 

Sunday Sept. 6-
We spent Sunday relaxing!  Tim played games with the boys.  Dad went off and did who knows what.  Mom played her game and I sewed a bunch of diapers.  In the evening, I packed up all of our presents and watched "The Horsemen" with Mom and Dad.

Monday Sept. 7-
Monday morning we got up at 7:30 and got busy packing out.  We had to pack everything in plastic & didn't get on the road until 9:45.  We had to make a couple stops because my hips were hurting but we made good time.  We got lunch at Chic Fil A and made it home around 5:00.  John came to get Tony & we organized our unpacking a little bit.  Then, around 6:15, Tim and I headed out to Obici Hospital for our first "Prepared Childbirth" class.  It was good.  I only learned one thing, basically WHY it hurts when baby comes out "sunny side up".  Tim learned a lot about labor.  We also got to tour their L&D department, even though we're delivering at Leigh.  (We're touring over there on Oct. 5.)  On our way home we went to Pizza Hut & grabbed a pizza.  We ate at home & then went to bed.

Tuesday Sept. 8-
Today was the first day of school & I slept until 11:00!!  When I finally got up, I got busy cleaning house & working on unpacking.  I had to get all of Luke's belongings out of the guest room, because it smells bad in there.  I had a couple small contractions from all the work before I finally left WAY late to go to my doctor's appointment. 

My doctor "isn't worried yet" but my appointment was less than pleasant.

I lost another pound. I am eating...I don't understand how I'm still losing weight.
My fundal height was 30 cm, so I'm measuring 2 weeks behind.
I have a regular check up in 2 weeks & then at 36 weeks we're having an ultrasound.

After the appointment, I went to McDonald's and got some food.  Then I went to Ingleside to visit & drop off my Girl Scout fliers.  I left there around 4:30 and headed home.  Since I've been home, I've cleaned up and been working on getting Luke's clothes put away.  Tim's working on defrosting the freezer in an attempt to save the fridge.  (Although Mandy might get us a used one for $50.) 

We're going to have tuna casserole for dinner, because I couldn't do the grocery shopping with a broken refrigerator! 

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