Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Shower Goodness!

Well, this weekend was the baby shower in Pennsylvania.  Let me start off by saying that Tim & I are incredible blessed and totally thankful to SO many people, but especially to my mom and dad for the AMAZING baby shower they hosted for us & all the amazing and totally wonderful gifts they gave us! 
This is the dessert buffet that my mom had set up.  She's been baking for what seems like FOREVER.  There were rice krispy treat rattles, sugar cookies in the shape of rattles, pacifiers, and baby carriages, nad pizzelles.  There was anissette toast, anis cookies, sesame seed cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.  There were also m&m cookies w/ ONLY blue m&ms.  We forgot the chocolate drop cookies until the last minute, but I made sure they got set out, too! 
Here's a view of the kitchen table w/ the cake & the food buffet behind it. 
A close-up of the clothes line cake.  My dad MADE the clothesline.  My mom made the little cloth prefold diapers that are hanging on the line! 
Here was the plates & silverware/napkin table.  Isn't it pretty?
Yum, yum, yummy!  This is the food buffet my mom made!  We had ham sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, tuna salad sandwiches, and chicken salad sandwiches.  The tuna & chicken sandwiches were on three or four different kinds of bread.  We also had Italian potato salad as well as traditional potato salad.  On the other side was shrimp salad and lime flavored fluff.  It was ALL delicious and there were very little left-overs. (Not because there wasn't enough food, but becuase people kept going back for MORE!)
Here's another view of the cake.
This is the beverage station, before the tea, juice, ice, and water got set out. 
This is an adorable gift my mom made for us!  It's a large terra cotta pot, painted, embellished w/ my nursery fabric, filled with goodies, and snuggled by a little cloth baby!  (He's stuffed with crinolin & is wearing hand made baby mits (embellished w/ balloons), a 0-3 months sleeper and bib, and a Kennywood hat!) 
Here's the banner that was part of the theme.
This is the awesome wreath my mom & dad made.  They actually MADE the wreath & then decorated it with all those blue baby goodies!  The ribbon was supposed to be spread out but it had a little accident before the shower & it didn't get fixed up. 
Here's a wider view of the living room/wreath.  See that awesome rocking chair?  Yea, my parents bought that for us!  How amazing!  It's perfect & totally comfortable.  I've been sitting in it watchign Sopranos in the office w/ Tim! 
This is the fruit salad mom made.  (Well I melon balled all the fruit, mom made the watermelon baby carriage!)  Isn't it pretty!  Behind it you can see the 'favors' which a lot of people left behind.  You can also see one of the little candy-holding-booties mom made. 
Here's Aunt Nunny writing her antecdotes into the "Baby Advice Book". 
A quick shot of some of the gifts!
Everybody chowing down!  My cousin Renee is in yellow, cousin Lisa in blue, Aunt Dianne in pink w/ red hair, and Aunt Nunny in pink w/ brown hair.  You can also see 1/2 of Lisa's daughter Bailey. 
Here's more folks chowing down.  My mom in the back w/ flowers on, Great Aunt Lucille on the left in white, Great Aunt Rosie in pink and my dad's cousin Debbie hidden behind Aunt Rosie. 
Phewie!  So, that's all the decorations & festivities pictures of the baby shower.  I'm going to edit & decide which of the pictures of gifts getting opened to post & put them in another post.  
I love, love, loved EVERY single thing & my Mom and Dad and brother put SO much into giving us an AWESOME and PERFECT baby shower.  We're SO thankful!    


Smellyann said...

Glad your shower was so totally amazing! ;)

Ameya said...

SO cute!! That cake is soooo adorable! Aww, your parents seem so great! :D