Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy Friday...

Well, since we cancelled Girl Scout camp there's a lot of other stuff going on instead.

I told Chrissy I'd watch Carolynn, so I had to decline the substitute job I got called for.  I wasn't really heartbroken, it was a high school placement for today from 7-2:30.  I'm not sure if I can handle HS! 

Tim actually went to work today (he put in two 12 hour long days from home the last couple days!)  This evening he's supposed to be going out with James & a bunch of other guys. 

Here's our plan for the day:

Shower & bathe/ dress Caro
Pick up the play room
Water Store
Wal-Mart to return stuff
Food Lion for 2 gallons of free milk
12:30 Nanny Job Interview
Home for Carolynn's nap (and hopefully mine too)
Pay for Jamboree
6:00 Meet up w/ Girl Scout parent-cancelled/rescheduled

Hopefully we get it all done & things go smoothly!

Don't forget to remember those effected by 9/11/01 today.

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