Thursday, September 10, 2009


So, ladies and gents, I apparently have an 'irritable' uterus.  This is the diagnosis of whoever was the on-call doctor last night at Tidewater Physicians for Women. 

You see, I spent the morning being lazy, sleeping in, working on my computer (Girl Scout stuff), and didn't get moving until after lunch time.

I headed out to Wal-Mart around 2ish.  It took me a LONG time to do the grocery shopping (almost $200 worth!) because I had to get so many things.  It was the longest list yet, because we'd thrown out so much stuff that spoiled in the great refrigerator freeze-up.  By about the 4th grocery aisle I'd gone down, I was having pretty serious & painful contractions.  I contemplated sitting my butt on the ground against the wall of food but kept moving. 

When I passed the cereal aisle I was really bad off.  Getting around to the meat department meant I was almost done but I had missed a few items & really wanted to go back for them.  (One was marshmallows for my much needed rice krispy treats!) 

So, I chugged on.  By the time I got to the check out lane, with my hundred pound grocery cart I was sweating, hurting, and BEAT.  The cashier must have thought I was about to die.  She loaded all of my cloth bags into my cart & worried about me getting them into the car. 

When I got home, I went straight to bed and started timing the contractions.  I was hopeful that they'd just go away when I laid down, like they normally do.

I was wrong.  I obviously WAY outdid myself and my poor uterus was unhappy. 

I ended up have 5 minute apart contractions that lasted more than 30 seconds each for close to an hour.  Getting into the tub helped them and spread them out & shortened them, but the exertion of getting OUT of the tub caused me to have extremely painful & long (2 mins.+) contractions! 

So I got back into the tub for another 45 minutes.  This time I got out of the tub & didn't even try to dry off, I just hobbled to the bed. 

After monitoring the contractions for a while in bed (until they were 8 minutes apart & slowing down again) I called the doctor back & she said they were probably just BH from all the exercise of grocery shopping & to go to bed. 

She said basically if they were painful, all around (from back to front, instead of JUST in my uterus up front), and consistently lasted longer than a minute then she'd be worried about PTL but since they weren't, I was ok.

I ended up just relaxing in front of my computer until about 10 and they did eventually go away. 

Anyway, I won't be doing the grocery shopping anymore.  We've got our list & I'm sure Tim can handle it until after Luke is born. 

Other things that happened last night:
A. I cancelled the Girl Scout camping trip.  Our troop also only has 3 returning girls that I know of. 
B. I got my first substitute job.  It's on Monday! 
C. I missed Bunco.

So far today:
A. I've done NOTHING but some LIGHT housework.
B. I declined my first sub. job.  It was for TODAY for Pre-K and they only called 45 minutes before I would have needed to be there.  No thanks! 
C. Tim's working from home again. 
D. I watched "Cocoon" with Tim, it was old and sad and lame.
E. I feel like poo. 
F. Grayson & Spencer will be here around 2:15, so I need to go get showered & dressed. 

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janelle said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm really started to slow down too, but I have barely even had and BHC. I'm glad you didn't go into labor, although now your little guy would survive. I hope you get feeling better.