Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Shower Gifts!!

So, I officially HATE being the center of attention.

 I handed my cousin Renee the camera with instructions to take a picture of at least one gift from each person, but not of EVERY single gift, because these pictures NEVER get used for anything? 

I mean, how tacky would it be to put up a collage frame of pictures of me opening/showing off a million gifts?  Right.  So anyway, here's a few of the baby shower gifts. 

Of course some of the pictures are not being shared because I look like a moron in has nothing to do with who the gift was from or how much we liked that gift.  It has everything to do with, if I look stupid, I'm not posting it on my blog!!

This is one of three Cars cups we got.  We had to have Cars sippy cups!
Aunt Dianne & Uncle Tony got Luke the Baby Einstein playmat! 
Aunt Rosie & Debbie got us the high chair we wanted!
This is one of many cute little sweater vest outfits.  You can also see the AWESOME corsage my mom made me in this picture. 
Itty bitty newborn t-shirts.  Say it with me, "Awwwwww....!" 
A little baby boy bathrobe!
One of several super soft & fuzzy baby blankets.  Tim really likes the baby music box puppy that matches this. 
Aww, monkeys!  This is another of the few newborn sets we got.  We are seriously lacking in newborn sized goodness!  This one is cool because the legs convert from pants to a nightgown!
Here's an outfit Mandy will appreciate!
Something for next Christmas!
I love this thermal tee shirt w/ dinosaurs all over it. 
This coat is part of the thermal dino set but isn't it fun!
My First Kennywood Bib!  You can also see his first Kennywood toy on my knee.  My dad won that for Luke!
Here's a close up of the pot & the baby doll. 
OK, first off, I look good in this one, right? 
Secondly, those are HAND crocheted w/ size 10 THREAD (not yarn) little sneakers!  Too Freaking CUTE!
Here I am flipping through the burp cloths my mom embellished. There are a baker's dozen of them finished & each is unique!
Renee just about killed the baby when she passed me the bucket & it was funny!
Here's the rocking chair & Luke's blanket all cozy in the office. Doesn't it look PERFECT? 
Luke's amazingly full closet.  I don't know if you can see the little size tags I made, but the whole closet is organized by size.  Doesn't it look like a little man's closet?  I love looking at it!
Here's another close up of the pot, now that it's been unpacked. 
And here's a close up of the basket mom decorated. 
And one more shot of the baby boy!
Phewie, that was a lot of fun!  I'm so thankful to everyone and truly appreciate each and every single gift!  We are so blessed and our baby will definitely feel the love from all of you! 

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