Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MAJOR Update!

Boy howdy, it's been a long time since I kept ya'll up to date on my goings-ons.  Did you enjoy the break?  Don't answer that. 
Anyway, I figured I ought to give my blog some attention today, so I don't lose my followers!  Hee hee...  I love my blog, I've just been SO tired!  Also, sitting in the computer chair isn't exactly comfortable any more, so I never spend long amounts of time on my computer.  (This post alone has taken 2 DAYS to write!) 
So, here it goes, this is the last two weeks in a nutshell! 

Wednesday September 9
All I can remember from this day is that I overdid it somehow and ended up having contractions. I ended up not being able to go to Bunco or Girl Scouts.
Oh yea, here's the post!

Thursday September 10
Here's a post I wrote this day...since I can't seem to remember anything & I have nothing on my calendar!

Friday September 11
Here's a post I wrote this day...since I again, can't remember anything & have nothing on my calendar!
Saturday September 12
Glenn Beck's 9.12 Project Rally in Washington D.C.
Amanda and I got up super early and I drove out to her house. Then she drove us to Springfield, VA. We spent over an hour at the Metro station, using the bathroom and getting our tickets. Then we rode into the city. It took us a long time (through a bunch of contractions) to walk from the Metro station to the Capitol building. We got pretty close but nowhere near to Mom and Dad were. Mandy ended up getting mad at the people around us and she took Grayson to the Museum of Natural History. Spencer and I just hung out, waiting for Mom and Dad to call.

When they did call it didn’t take me long to meet up with Dad and then with Mom.

As soon as the three of us were together we headed back towards Mom and Dad’s hotel. Mandy started making her way towards us and we eventually all met up. We got back to the hotel and had our “picnic” lunch on Mom and Dad’s beds. Then we spent the afternoon into early evening visiting and playing with the boys.

Around 5:30 we started our walk back to the Metro station. It was close to 7:30 by the time we got back to Amanda’s car. We got some McDonald’s as soon as we could and headed home. I slept the entire way. When we got home, Lindsey showed up to pick up the boys and I headed home for bed.

Sunday September 13
We went to the 11:15 church service & then afterwards we went to our pastor’s house for lunch. We had a good time enjoying lunch with several other “young adult” couples and our pastor & her husband.  It was really nice to get to meet some of the other couples from church.  I'm looking forward to attending the "Pregs and Babes" Bible Study that we've joined!

Monday September 14
This was my first day of substitute teaching. I worked at Crossroads Elementary and enjoyed it a lot. We also had childbirth class that night.

Tuesday September 15
I was off on this day but did have a long Girl Scout meeting that night.  I'm pretty sure I kept Carolynn but...I can't be 100%!

Wednesday September 16
I was back at Crossroads in the same classroom on this day.

Thursday September 17
I kept Carolynn this day. I also got Grayson and Spencer at some point during the day. When Tim got home we ate a quick dinner and then I took Spencer with me and left for La Leche League. Tim had to get Carolynn and Grayson out of the house to go to church for the first “Young Adults Pregs and Babes” class. Chrissy met him at the church to get Carolynn and he put Grayson in the nursery. It was after 11 when Terrell finally got there to get the boys.

Friday September 18
On Friday, I subbed at Northside Middle School. That wasn’t great but it also wasn’t amazing. That evening Tim and I were lazy and just laid around in bed.

Saturday September 19
On Saturday morning, I had breastfeeding class. When I got home, we ate lunch and then headed to Tim’s parents’ house. When we got there, Tim and Tom left to go to the dump to get rid of the old couch (Tom and Peggy bought us a new one on the 12th). Peggy, Beth, and I went to Rock A Bye Baby and I got 2 new pairs of maternity pants. Peggy bought Luke a sleep sack. Then we went to Target and Peggy bought Luke 2 little newborn outfits.

Afterwards she dropped me off at church. I didn’t feel good though & ended up missing ½ the service! Afterwards, we headed back to Tom and Peggy’s for dinner. I still didn’t feel good & we ended up leaving just as soon as we could.

Sunday September 20
I slept in. Tim went to 11:15 church, 12:30 meeting at church. Then he picked up his mom. Mandy picked me up at 11:30. We ran errands & had the baby shower. We were at James and Missy’s until 7ish. Tim dropped me & the gifts off at home, so I could clean/put away. Then he took his mom home. He brought me Arby’s and ate left overs for dinner himself.

Monday September 21
I slept in again. I did a little bit of housework. Then I drove to Lauren’s house. We went to Chic Fil A. Then we chatted back at her house. Then I had my confusing doctor’s appointment. Afterwards I came home and did more housework.

Tuesday September 22
I had to work at Lindenwood. I won’t ever go back there. It was awful. I had a stressful day at work & then an even more stressful afternoon. (Chrissy drama) Then Amanda picked me up & we went grocery shopping. I bought a crib mattress but I might end up returning it.

Wednesday September 23
I was supposed to work for Ms. Walters at Ingleside today, but I couldn’t. Instead I’ve been lazy and done nothing all day. I did get the playroom vacuumed and hung up a picture. I washed white clothes too. Tim and I spent some time checking out his insurance benefits and making sure I can continue on with Dr. Morgan. It looks like I can, so that’s good!


Smellyann said...

I feel like this whole post was just a bunch of "teasers" without giving any of the real deal on anything! ;)

Relax and take it easy, Mama.

Gloria said...

Wow! You are busy... take it easy mama!!

BTW... Happy Birthday! (I saw on melanie's blog it's your 26th!)

Have a great day, but relax! You don't want Luke showing up early!!!


danielle said...

I saw on CO that it was your birthday. So, I just wanted to jump over here and tell you Happy Birthday! Congrats on the pregnancy!