Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To Do List Update

To Do List & Schedule:
Before Luke is born: (mid October)

put away our laundry
clean office
Bank (deposits)
finish cutting grass
bathe dogs
clean carpet in nursery & office
scrub our bathroom (sink, toilet, tub, mop floor)
scrub walls in hallway (and rest of house too)
clean carpet in living room & our room
wash car seat cover
reclean the garage
paint Luke's wall letters
assemble cradle
buy crib & dresser & get set up

M Sept. 14-8:15-3:35 Subbing at Crossroads Elem., 7:00 PM Prepared Childbirth Class
T Sept. 15-Happy Birthday Mom!, Girl Scout Meeting @ 6:00
Th Sept. 17-La Leche League 6:30 in Hampton, Tim going to Pregs & Babes Bible Study
Sat. Sept. 19- Breastfeeding Class
Sun. Sept. 20-Baby Shower (3:00)
M. Sept. 21-Happy Birthday Dad!, 2:45 Dr. Appt., 7:00 PM Prepared Childbirth Class
Th. Sept. 24- 7:30 Pregs & Babes Bible Study
F Sept. 25- 7:30 PM Disney on Ice w/ Girl Scouts
Su Sept.27-3:00-Church of the Epiphany on Lafayette Blvd-Service Unit Meeting for GS
M Sept. 28-7:00 PM Prepared Childbirth Class
S Oct.3- 10 am-6 pm Girl Scout Jamboree at Colonial Williamsburg
M Oct. 5-Sentara Leigh Hospital Tour 6:00
F Oct. 9-3:00 Ultrasound & Dr. Appt. 
Th. Oct. 15-La Leche League 6:30 in Hampton
Sat. Oct. 17-Knitting for Newborns 9-12noon

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