Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Update

Another, never published post....

Thursday Sept. 24

Well, Thursday I had to work at Ingleside. I was subbing for a first grade teacher that also turned out to be the inclusion, SPED, class. Fun stuff. I got myself all settled in and got to work right away at 8:00. First graders are a piece of work. They don’t let you sit down. At all. They whine and cry when “she’s not my friend anymore” and all that jazz. I can’t stand that age. So, it was a LONG day.

Add in that there was no air conditioning in the classroom I was in (and I’m 8 ½ months preggo) and I was DYING. When I got my break at 9:30 I ran to the other end of the building to find a classroom to relax in! I also ate a quick snack because I was hungry!

I had another break at lunch time and spent that in the teacher’s lounge catching up with old friends. It was good.

After lunch the time started to drag. I was looking forward to 2:00 desperately! About 1:50 the aide came in who was going to take over watching the class & I wrote my report for the teacher & booty-scooted out of there.

When I got home, Terrell was waiting here with the two boys, sound asleep. I got them transferred to my bed & Carolynn’s crib and relaxed on my computer for a while. They slept for a couple hours each!

I made hamburger helper for dinner and we all ate. (Chrissy and Carolynn were here by then too.)

After dinner, Tim and I got the boys ready to go and headed out to church. We were early, thankyouverymuch, and had plenty of time to get there, sign the boys into the nursery and chit-chat before the Bible Study for “Pregs and Babes” started.

Our Bible Study went well and was very relaxing. I really enjoyed it!

The ride home was a pain in the butt, because Lindsey was off of work but could not be reached. I hate it when people leave their kids in day-care when they’re not at work. I mean, it’s one thing if that’s the arrangement you’ve got…but it’s another when your day-care provider is pregnant and has another job!

So, we got home, got the boys settled in and to bed, and then waited…and waited…and waited. Around 11:30, Lindsey finally showed up “from Newport News” where she had supposedly left 2 hours before. (It’s 40 minutes at the most away.)

I went straight to bed.

Friday September 25

Happy Birthday to ME! Tim had the day off of work so we slept in. It was GREAT. We snuggled and slept until 10 am…which is unheard-of for Tim! When we got up we putzed on our computers and got showered and dressed. Tim had to be at church at 1:30, so he left just before 1:00 to head over there. I had a few errands to run. I went to the bank to deposit Girl Scout money, McDonald’s (for an actual combo…I was hungry!), the library, and Food Lion (for milk..2 more gallons & we’ll get our THIRD free gallon!)

When I got home, I was pooped. Tim called to say he was on his way home too. I don’t remember what I did between getting home from the store & Tim coming home.

After Tim got home we got ready to go to the school to pick up the Girl Scouts.

One of the scouts was late, so we didn’t get on the road until 6:00 (supposed to have been 5:30) and then I needed to stop & pee…so we got there around 7:00 & the show was starting at 7:30.

As it turned out, we had enough time to get our tickets, use the bathroom, and find our seats before the show began.

The girls really seemed to enjoy it & I thought it was worth the $15 it cost us per person. I’d recommend it for ages 3 and up. I’d say school-aged boys would probably NOT enjoy it, because even though it wasn’t a princess themed show, it was still very girly. It is a musical & there were A LOT of skits with the princesses as the central feature. We had good seats but we had that Girl Scout promotion, so that helped.

It was 10:15 when we got back to the school & almost all of the parents were on time to get their kids. (We had to to wait on one until 10:35!!)

Once the last child was picked up, we headed home & straight to bed.

Saturday Sept. 26

I slept until 11 am!! When I finally got up we got to work on measuring the furniture & bedrooms to determine the best way to reorganize the house.

My goals were:

1. Get Chrissy out of the playroom

2. Get the birds out of the living room

3. Get the dog cage out of the kitchen

4. Not have to share the “office” with anyone

First things first, Tim had to re-run all the cables in the house for the internet. That means he spent several hours crawling through the attic running the lines & cutting holes to drop them into the right places.

I worked on helping him, getting dishes & laundry done, prepping my prefolds, and cleaning up the house.

Around 4:00, Amanda showed up to start helping with the moving of furniture & stuff. Around 5:00, Chrissy got home & started helping too. We all worked a lot to get things JUST THE RIGHT WAY and Tim & I were really beat.

We worked until midnight! I slept for crap up every hour or so all night long. I’m super sore and super tired.

I got up at 10:30 this morning, too late for us to go to church, so we’ll be hanging around here until about 1:00…I guess.

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