Monday, April 27, 2009

Who wants to see Baby Goetsch?

I do..I do...

Well, I got to have another ultrasound today. But, not under good circumstances & Tim didn't get to go with me.
Long story of my students hit me in the belly with a pile of books. I went to the doctor when I started having cramps.

They saw me immediately, I'm really pleased with this office. They took me straight to ultrasound and spent a long time checking out the baby. We did not get a money shot, but for wishful thinking purposes, I'll be referring to the baby as a boy. At first he was all curled up in a ball. His heartrate was 158 bpm. His placenta was fine and the blood was flowing through it properly. The nurse prodded him a couple times with the wand and he finally started wiggling, but he never did open up enough for her to measure him. He moved his leg and waved his arm at us. We saw him from behind and from his left profile. The ultrasound really helped me calm down and not need to worry.

After the US we did my blood pressure and it was back to "normal". Then I had to see Dr. Morgan and he did an abdominal exam and used the doppler so he could hear the heartbeat. I weighed 191 lbs today.

After the appt. I went to my Girl Scout co-leader's house to pass on the message that I needed her to run the meeting & that I needed our cookie money. Then I headed to the Chesapeake Texas Roadhouse. I think Tim's rule that we're only going to go to the VA Beach one is definitely in place now. As usual the service was sub-par, my steak wasn't cooked, the potato wasn't done enough & didn't have enough butter & our first basket of bread was cold. UGH. The VA Beach one is SO nice!

Now, I'm getting this done & then heading to bed! Dr. Morgan said "take it easy" until the cramps go away & they haven' it's nappy time for me!


Andrea said...

Such a cute baby! :D Sorry you didn't get to see "him" under more happy circumstances, but glad everything is OK.

Jo said...

I'm glad everything is ok! He's so cute!

Smellyann said...

I'm so glad everything's all right and you and SHE are okay!! ;)