Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday Update (on Monday)

So, we may have to rename this series! I haven't gotten a Sunday Update out on Sunday in a while! Ugh.

Anyway, I had quite the eventful end to last week & I promise I will get to it, but FIRST...doesn't that WEEK 10 baby picture look freaking amazing?!!!!

Here are some pictures that I find amazing!

This first one is from "God's Little Angels", a woman who makes preemie dolls for lots of different reasons. The dolls are anatomically & medically correct. So, this is what my baby would look like if we could peek into my uterus today! (of course minus the cute clothes)

Is that amazing or what? I am just totally in love with this little person I am growing! (even though it's wreaking havoc on my body!)

So, let me get back to updating.

Wednesday April 1-I felt like doo all day & came home & basically went straight to bed.

Thursday April 2-I took a sick day. I hadn't been able to make the sauce I needed for the spaghetti dinner at school & I didn't sleep well. So I slept in, cleaned a bit, and then got dressed to go get the stuff for the sauce. Only, on the way home, my right eye got all blurry & I couldn't see out of it! It freaked me out! I pulled over, tried to check my eye, couldn't, and called my OBGYN (who is on speed dial!) I was on hold for the whole ride home (fortunately I was close by!) When I got home, I called Dad on the house phone to get his advice, then I called Mandy to see if she'd take me to the doc if they wanted me to come in. She wasn't really able to, so as soon as I got off the phone with the doc, I called Tim to come get me. He rushed home from work & took me to the doctor. By the time we got there I was doubled over in pain from a headache & the blurred vision had gone away. (It had been about 2 hours.) They came out to do my blood pressure, which was fine, and then took me back. The doctor saw me pretty quickly & was 100% sure I had a migraine. She was VERY concerned by the fact that I had lost 8 lbs since my last appointment. She said I appeared dehydrated. She asked me how often I had been throwing up & was slightly surprised whenever I told her I hadn't. She prescribed me 2 different medicines for the nausea to help me eat. She also gave me T3+codienne for the pain. She said I have to get the headache & eating/drinking under control by today! She also said I needed a day of bedrest to let myself recooperate from the migraine. So, I called in for Friday, got my prescriptions filled, went to I-Hop for plain pancakes with Tim, and then came home and went to bed.

Friday April 3-
Friday I stayed in bed. I bummed around the house and played with diapers! That was about it. When Tim got home we went out for Arby's and brought it home. I really think that was the extent of it. I took the pills and they seemed to help.

Saturday-Monday, to come later! I'm tired!

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Smellyann said...

Well, I'm so glad everything is okay. Phew!

I had the exact same symptoms - couldn't see out of my left eye, and then the headache started - when I had my migraine on Wednesday. It sucked and is always scary when that happens!

I think that preemie doll lady is a leeeeetle bit kooky, though. The doll is totally inaccurate - a 10-week embryo does NOT look like that yet!