Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I AM alive...

And that's about as good as it gets.

I am not going to attempt to catch you up from my last Update, because it would take forever.

Pregnancy News:
I can feel the baby pretty much every time I lay on my stomach. It's awesome. I am in maternity pants 100% of the time now (except for like sweats & elastic waist stuff) because my belly is changing shape. I'm hovering around 190 sometimes a little lower, sometimes as high as 192 lbs. So, I know it's not fat, but actually baby, because I was 193 when I found out I was pregnant. I haven't been taking the zofran & the constipation has subsided. Unfortunately, without the zofran, I'm not really able to eat any meat and I'm super tired. I've been exhausted and basically zonked out all day since this weekend. I slept from about 5:00 yesterday afternoon until this morning! The morning sickness/nausea is getting worse & not better. I am not glowing. I'm considering asking Dr. Morgan for some antidepressants because I've been so gloomy & teary. I know part of the tears and constant crying is hormonal, but I just feel so down. I am sad to say it, but I am NOT enjoying being pregnant. I have decided that I'm going to tough it out until school ends and then see how I'm doing. I cried the other day at school, because someone moved my pizza in the teachers' lounge fridge. It's that bad. There are certain songs on the radio that I won't listen to, because they make me cry.

I am 14 weeks pregnant. According to one website, the baby is the size of an average fist. NEAT. I'll get pics up for WW tomorrow!

Girl Scout Camping Trip News:
I took my troop camping. We had 10 girls and 3 adults. The girls were whiney and complained about EVERYTHING but they all said they had a good time. We canoed, hiked (all over camp--a couple of times), they did the "Challenge Course" and we had food cooked over a fire. I ate three smores and the girls each got 2. My co-leader and the parent we took with us, convinced me to keep the troop and take them camping again next year. So, our troop is going to be switching to 2x a month meetings, on the weekends. We will have one "badge work" meeting & one activity meeting each month. Guess, I need to go find a Program Fun and get to work on planning that.

Work News:
We only have 25 school days to go. 11 of those are "teaching" days and the other 14 are either half days or events are going on, including SOL testing. We are only 42 days away from the last day of school, counting weekends & days off. The kids are over it and so am I. We start our SOL tests next Wednesday, a week from tomorrow. I honestly cannot wait to get them over with. I had 3 students fail the writing SOL test. Oh well. I have to get the plans done for our Luray Caverns field trip as well as our graduation ceremony (including determining who is Valedictorian & Saludatorian) so I have quite a bit to do....even though it's the end of the year.

OK, I think that's enough so that you know I'm alive.

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Smellyann said...

Glad for the update. Yay for feeling the baby! Sorry you're feeling down. There are safe things you can take during pg. Pregnancy is definitely not for everyone; I hate it, too. But the reward is so sweet. ♥

Personally, I think you're crazy for taking on a new baby and keeping your troop at the same time. I would take some time off!

Did you get my text? Sorry I missed your call; I forget what I was doing though. Everything okay? Can Tim come over by Sunday (we'll be out of town Fri night and most of Sat) to help bleed the truck's brakes maybe?