Friday, April 24, 2009

Seriously Blessed

Well folks, I have another baby gear motherload to report! I have been SERIOUSLY blessed by a wonderful woman on Freecycle. (If you don't freecycle you should TOTALLY join!)

I posted a "wanted" ad on freecycle less than a week ago, because Peggy asked me about looking around on craigslist for a pack n play to keep at their house. Well, I figured I'd give the world of free a go & see what we could find.

Within a day or so I got a reply from a woman who said her son had outgrown his & I was welcome to it, along with a bunch of other stuff!

I went by to get it today, but they weren't home, so Amanda picked it up for me tonight.

Here it goes:

A pack n play, complete with a sounds/lights box, bassinet, and changing table. In the print below:A "cuddle u" pregnancy pillow with a like-new (still in packaging) pillow case. It's machine washable, so I'll be getting that taken care of to see if it helps me sleep! A quilted pack n play sheet/cover. 4 Winnie the Pooh recieving blankets.

A piddle pad/ crib saver for the sheets/our bed (until the baby comes & then possible for breastfeeding accidents).

3 'pack n play' sheets & 1 "crib/pnp" sheet (that's the fitted one that's by itself...the others don't have elastic)

And finally, the Fisher Price Sounds and Lights baby monitor. (This thing is still for sale for $24.99) I can start using that immediately when I'm babysitting & when Caro sleeps over. I always worry about not being able to hear her! (We hope to get the fancy schmancy video one for the baby, so if we do, this could be relegated to Peggy's house.)

So, like I said, SUPER blessed! I don't know what we did to deserve such generosity but we are so thankful!


Claire said...

WOW!! You hit the jackpot!!! How amazing!!! =*)

Smellyann said...

Awesome score, dudes!