Monday, April 20, 2009

12 Weeks! Yay! Second Trimester here we come!

Holy smokes...this is for real people. I'm going to have a BABY. Can you believe that it's 12 weeks already? And it's JUST now starting to REALLY sink in for me...

So, these pics are totally contradictory of last week's but oh well. I'm using "The Bump" and "Babycenter" at the same time & they don't always agree 100% about how big Baby Goetsch should be.
Anyway, it's not an exact science & is only a "guesstimate" anyway. I like to think that the baby is a couple inches long now and the placenta is supporting him/her. We are just calling the baby Baby Goetsch since I am superstitious and don't want to give it a real name.
Well, that's the 12 week update!

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Andrea said...

I forgot you have a blog, lol. I need to "follow" it so I'll remember to read it.

Our baby doesn't have a real name either. I call it my "inner child" lol.