Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kindle 2: A Giveaway

Well folks, I haven't done a give away post in a LONG time. I was letting others have a chance, ya know...didn't want to go about entering a million giveaways and bringing down the more deserving people's odds of winning. (Cause I'm just so nice like that!) Hee hee, actually, it probably stems from being pregnant & tired as all get out over the last several weeks, with barely enough time to keep my poor blog alive, and maintain some semblence of "chit chat" in my 2 pregnancy buddy groups.

However, a long while ago, I was on Amazon, looking to find Wii Fit (as part of my attempt to lose weight BEFORE getting pregnant, oh well), and noticed up at the top of their page they were advertising the Kindle 2. Now, I was interested, so I spent quite a bit of time, researching the Kindle, reading reviews, finding out how much it costs to download books, (newspapers, and magazines, too!) and really convincing myself that, someday, if we ever get rich, I had to have THAT! Unfortunately, the $359 pricetag puts it well out of our budget for a "luxury" item. (Especially now that there's a babe on the way.)

Since that first time I noticed the Kindle (and Kindle 2's impending release), I've kept it in the back of my mind for a "if I ever get the money" purchase. Since then, I've purchased at least 8 books and I've read the Twilight series 4 times now. (I'm just a little bit obsessed with it!)

Also since then, we've bought the Wii, Wii Fit, a couple other games, (all as birthday or Christmas gifts), lots of stuff for the baby, Tim's ZUNE (so the daddy could feel special), and went to PA. If we had sacrificed some of that stuff we could have purchased a Kindle 2 for me, BUT, I'm not that self-centered. I really prefer to spend any money that "I" get on the baby. (Our money is completely joint, but Tim takes care of the books. I pretty much ask permission before any big does he. Whenever we have some spare change, I try to get stuff (diapers!) for the baby.) I forget what Tim said he wanted last night, when we were heading to bed, but I told him he couldn't have it until I have: a crib, dresser, changing pad, custom cradle mattress, paint in the baby's room, and a Kindle!

So, I've said all of that, to let you all know that I really want a Kindle, even though my priorities right now are getting the things we need & I'd like to have, for the baby.

A Kindle would improve my reading habits in so many ways! I try to take a book everywhere I go, but it's not cool to carry a 5" thick novel into the bathroom at work, or around the mall. With the Kindle, I could fit it in my purse (and probably some of my pant's pockets) and have it with me all of the time. It would be so much more convenient to have the Kindle with me than whatever book I'm currently into filling up my entire purse! (and sometimes I'm reading more than 1 and have to choose which one I'm going to be in the mood for, and that just sucks!)

With the Kindle, I'd be able to purchase books on a regular occasion, where as now, I only buy books if I REALLY have to have them, because it's just so much cheaper to either WAIT forever on the waiting list at the library or just not read what's new and hot out there. Buying the books for the Kindle is more affordable and I'd be able to read more current releases and expand my love of reading outside of my few tried and true authors.

I'm a book worm through and through, and the Kindle would just make me so happy. With Tim's ZUNE he spends about $10-12 a week on music. I'd have a weekly budget too, so I'd at least be getting 1 book every week or 2.

Anyway, I'd really love to tell you more about why I want to win this Kindle, but I have to get my entry in before noon! The wonderful Julie Stratford is giving away the Kindle 2 (in the form of an Amazon giftcard) on her blog and the contest ends at 12 noon today! The odds look pretty good too, with only 64 commenters including me! Yay! Wish my luck!

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