Tuesday, April 14, 2009

11 Weeks Pregnant

Do not read this update if you don't want to hear ALL the ugliness of pregnancy.
So, for my 11 week update. I am stuck on Zofran daily. The "pregnancy sickness" is now actually appearing in the morning rather than mid day. It is characterized by a nasty upset stomach, strong gag reflex when I try to eat ANYTHING, and awful gas. As a side effect of the Z, I'm having extreme constipation. (Like, in the bathroom for 30 minutes crying, contorting myself into strange positions in an attempt to have a BM, awful, made me ALMOST call an ambulance, constipation. I finally managed to shoot some water up there & loosen stuff up...but OMG that was awful!) These BMs have been so awful that they've caused pretty substantial bleeding which I will be talking to Dr. M about. (I'm assuming from my bowels or rear end. It's bright red & "fresh" not old or worrisome.) I've been getting headaches lately too, I'm not sure if they were from being in PA or what. Also, I think I have a yeast infection. If it's not yeast, I have some kind of ITCHY as all get out, painful, irritation, of my girly bits. Which I will ALSO be talking to Dr. M about.
I have an appointment on Thursday at 3:30 and I will most likely NOT be getting an ultrasound. I am going to ask to use the doppler though if he doesn't automatically do it.
I think that's it for now!


Smellyann said...

Baby's getting big! Sorry you're still not feeling too great. I wanna know how you shot water up your ass! ;)

Anonymous said...

Try eating dried apricots for the constipation. It worked better than anything else I tried. It is worth a shot. It sucks that you are feeling so poopy. :(