Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lots O Pictures

OK, so I have a LOT of pictures that haven't made it on the blog. These are all from TODAY!

Grayson modeling the bright blue Goodmama. I had it on Spencer a couple weeks ago & I have to say the fit was a LOT better on Spence. It seems tight around the legs and loose around the belly on Grayson. Spencer modeling the "play condition" Bummis Super Whisper Wrap cover I got for free because I waited on those prefolds so long. Underneath he has a Small bamboo prefold.
Here's the prefold Spence is wearing under the above cover. I snappi'ed it in the back!

And, here's a front view and the willing model.

Grayson wanted me to take the Nap bear's picture.

This is an adorable set my mom and grandmom got me! It says "Party in my Playpen" on the onesie and bib. It also has a hat, booties, a burp cloth, and a blanket. I think I'm going to ask a WAHM to tye die using low-water-immersion in a gender nuetral color. What do you think?
Here's another adorable set mom and grandmom picked up. It's a Boon outfit. It's actually one piece, but it's designed to look like a 2 piece from the front! Nifty! It also has an adorable hat. At regularly $20 it was a steal for $3! The box says its a 3-6 months, but we think it must be sized wrong (hence the price cut!) because it looks more 0-3 months, to us. Either way, I can use it & think it's cute!

Here's the package that FINALLY arrived from DS. First up is the cover Spencer modeled above. It's a size small.

Next up the prefolds. This is the periwinkle prefold I paid for, folded & flat, next to a dyed purple, orange edged prefold (folded). She tossed 3 purple dyed orange edge newborn diapers in for free as well.
Aren't they so teeny tiny and adorable?

Just the periwinkle.

All 18 periwinkles.

Just the orange edge.

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Smellyann said...

Cute diapers and clothes! Isn't it fun to get baby stuff??