Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Update!

Tuesday April 21
Only memorable thing of the day is we put Blondie to sleep.

Wednesday April 22
Nothing noteworthy

Thursday April 23
I was beat, exhausted, and not feeling well. I made steak on the grill. I babysat for Melanie.

Friday April 24
Again not feeling well. Craptastic day at school. Ended up letting the kids watch educational films & fart around making flash cards for Science & S.S. Had Grayson & Spencer after school & was super sick to my stomach. Went to sleep as soon as the boys left. (Only real high is I think I felt the baby move. More details later.)

Saturday April 25
Housework. Tim did yard work. Dinner at Fazoli's. Started baby registry at Babie's R Us, don't look at it--it's not done.

Sunday April 26
Slept til noon because I was up super late. Did nothing until about 3:30. Went to VB. Saw Tom and Peggy & dropped off the pack n play for at their house. Then went to Chrissy's. Saw the new dog (Zoe a german shepherd that may be mixed w/ Akita or Chow). Saw Carolynn's pulled tooth & gappy grin. Tim cut the board to fix her couch. Came home. I grilled chicken. Tim's studying for his test tomorrow. I'm going to bed as soon as I tend laundry.

I'm quite tired--sorry for the choppy post.

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Smellyann said...

Carolynn got a tooth pulled?? Why?

WOOHOO about the baby moving! Exciting!